Wednesday, August 1, 2007

About Me

I am a romantic, a lover of all things random, and a google-maniac.

I'm an aspiring: morning person, organized individual, Martha Stewart, game show contestant, gourmet cook, and family photographer (of my little family).

I loved studying political science in college, but I'm better at math/data so I currently seek to combine the two (right now in my job as a research associate helping build a database on foreign aid: I hope to someday return to school for my MS in Statistics, because I'm strange and think that sounds fun.

I love my husband and am reminded every day why he's the perfect man for me.

My baby is a little high maintenance and a whole lot adorable. She's my favorite little buddy and I'm lucky to work at home so I can be with her all day (as exhausting as that can be). Her entrance into my life in June of 2010 means that of the "Million Little Things" I blog about a large portion of them are now baby centric...hope you don't mind.

Pursuing all my hobbies, working part time, being a full time mother, and the chaos of daily life mean that my house is rarely spotless and often a bit cluttered. My husband does most of the dishes and I often don't find time to exercise. So don't be intimidated by the fact that I roasted a chicken last week and have been working on a homemade felt quiet book -- if you saw my living room you'd know why that was possible. No one's perfect, least of all me.

I blog when I can and love making new friends. So no matter how you found my little piece of the internet, I hope we can get to know one another. So blog stalk if you wish, but I wouldn't mind a random comment either.

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