Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What I Blog About

For a while I posted on a variety of craziness, with no organization whatsoever (and "A Million Little Things" seemed quite appropriate). More recently I implemented a rough schedule of what types of posts I do on which days---though, to be honest I often post on something entirely unrelated or stray from the schedule.

Still, this should give you an idea of what goes on around here:

Monday: Recipes

Tuesday: Technology/Websites

Wednesday: Decorating/Crafts/Tutorials

Thursday: I will post on the 104 things to complete in 104 weeks as I work on them. And occasionally about things Joe and I have been up to (but most of that is moving over to my family blog).

Friday: When it strikes my fancy I'll post fashion/style/girlyness related posts

Saturday: "Things I Love"--all those random little things that don't need their own post, but make me super happy

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