Thursday, October 4, 2007

First Post

I'm so proud I finally got around to starting a blog. Everyone always wants to know what we're up to so I guess we'll have to try to update this like once a week. So here goes:

Joe just left Ohio to go back to Utah and work. We're hoping he'll be here permanently soon. I'm just spending my time going to class and trying to make new friends (and trying to get this house in a liveable state). Ohio State is a great school. It's a bit of a culture shock reading the student papers here---everyone talking about meaningless hookups, drinking like crazy, and a million other crazy things. Luckily my fellow grad students are all great people and we get along quite well. They're very smart and I'm learning a lot from them and my professors. Grad school is quite a bit different from undergrad. Tons more reading, much smaller classes, and professors don't exactly lecture (except in probability/math). Every class is just a giant group discussion of what we read so far.

Well I need to go get started on some of that reading right now. I'm heading to a Stampin Up meeting tonight. Once a month I'm getting together with some girls from church (and my friend Vonna) and we work on crafty project and socialize. I think it'll be a great way for me to meet new people and do something non-school.

For now, here are my top 5 favorite things about Ohio:
1. People are very friendly
2. Lots of diversity, people watching is very interesting
3. Politically far I've been stopped by someone on campus who asked me "Do you have time for gay rights" and then right after that had to avoid eye contact with the people handing out Bibles so I could get to class on time. Yesterday I got stopped by a guy on the street who was trying to get me to sign a petition so people could vote this election on overturning a law that limits strip clubs--I turned him down. And yesterday I signed up to receive updates on the Obama election, he's coming here sometime soon.
4. People are NUTS about football, its fun to be in a city where everyone has school spirit, and we WIN.
5. The ward here is excellent, really active, and full of young couples who I have really enjoyed working with.

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Chill said...

Oh football! It truly is wonderful! I'll definitley have to come out and visit you guys during football season... but that will also have to be during our Bye week... cuz you know... i can't miss my cougars for the buckeyes... it just won't happen.

ANNA! That is soooo cool Obama is coming to your school. I'm guessing the liklihood of him coming here is slim to nonexistant. I think you should go and tell me all about it! I think he is soooo cool!

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