Friday, October 12, 2007

Martha Stewart and After Hegemony

So basically my life consists of me doing homework and avoiding doing homework. The "doing homework" part of the title is the book After Hegemony, which I should be reading now, the "Martha Stewart" part of my title is the procrastination part. It includes me trying to put this house together (i.e. how many times can I burn myself while using hot glue to reupholster some chair someone from Utah sent us OR gee I hope that this dust flying out of the walls as I drill a screw in doesn't contain asbestos OR I better make some soup with these carrots soon, plus I've got to use those beautiful pots Leilani sent OR oh look its that time again, time to go to my Stampin Up club meeting). So yes this is basically my life.

In other news, I'm trying new foods. Those who know me well know how excessively picky I am with my food. I inadvertantly had a panini this week which had mayonaisse on it. How was I supposed to know that chipotle anoii meant "flavored mayo". As you can guess I ended up scraping the mayo off and tried to focus on the pepper jack cheese while chewing. I also had sweet potatoes for the first time in years because my neighbor made sweet potato pot pie and I had eggplant. I have never had eggplant, but Brooke and Quintin make eggplant parmesean and even though I was feeling wimpy I tried it (mostly because I looked at the 2 1/2 year old sitting next to me that was scarfing down the eggplant and thought to myself---if she's not having mac and cheese neither are you). And I must say that eggplant is edible if you bread it in parmesean cheese and bread crumbs and smother it in marinara sauce. Though if I think about it too much the texture reminds me of zucchini and then I have a hard time.

I don't know if anyone will read my blog except for me, but that's okay. The only blog I read besides my own is our photographer Darla's because I like looking at her pictures so much (you will too, go to her blog is also lots prettier. Maybe I can get Joe to learn enough html to put something pretty on this one.

Okay back to After Hegemony....

2 little remarks:

Amy said...

I am proud of you for eating eggplant. It is not my favorite but I will eat it. You have got to try sweet potato french fries. That is pretty good stuff. I hope you enjoyed your book.

Chill said...

You will find that I tend to not so much leave comments as I just copy and paste a favorite line from a post. Such as:

if she's not having mac and cheese neither are you

LOL! I love you!

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