Sunday, December 9, 2007

Apparently if people don't steal our stuff...we'll throw it away

So this weekend Joe and I went to get some new gym shoes for me and some socks (I only had a few pairs and I was tired of wearing some socks someone gave to Joe that were ginormous. So we bought these two packs of socks. Then yesterday when I wanted to go to the gym I asked Joe where they were because the bag was missing. We searched everywhere...finally Joe jokingly said "maybe we threw them away" and I gave him that look which said "you did not" and he blamed me for asking him to take out the trash. Yes I sent Joe outside and behold there in our trash can lying on top was the sack with my brand new socks in it. Apparently, from now on I need to tell Joe to take out the trash and check the bag first to make sure the bag he's taking out isn't something we just bought... (p.s. I love you honey, thanks for fishing them back out. They fit and they are lovely!)

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Amy said...

How funny!! We have done some similar things. Russ and I think we should come visit you guys. What do you think?

Chill said...

Ha ha! that's so cute! That reminds me of how my mom has a knack for dejunking things of ours right before we're about to use it. We'll say, "Mom have you seen such and such?" And she'll say, "Oh. I threw it away... but it's right on top!" So, that's become quite the catch phrase around the house. "It's right ontop!"

btw, I'm glad you added more posts. I love my Anna stories!

Brandon said...

Hmm usually brand new stuff doesn't get thrown away until you have a three-year old. My brother Josh was obsessed with the trash collectors, so he'd throw away anything he could in order to better emulate them.

Aliese Fry said...

That is fantastic. I love the humorous married moments!

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