Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Google Desktop Rocks My World

So, I'm pretty new to the blogging world (but I really really like it! It helps me stay up on what's going on in my friends lives, you know the fun little details.) But here is something I think is really cool that relates to blogging. I have a fairly new laptop (less than 6 months old) that came with "google desktop" preinstalled. Google Desktop allows my computer to have multiple cool things on it (called widgets). You can customize what you put on it like games, calendars, the weather report and so on). For me I have my google calendar (which both Joe and I have, and since we share calendars I can always see what he's up to that day and what I have going on). I have a "to do" list. And the last two things are my favorite. One is a blog reader. I enter all the blogs of my friends and family and any time one of you puts up a post my reader will tell me. So I don't have to check them independently (google has a similar feature online. a reader that you go visit one page and it'll tell you what's new on the all the blogs you track. So if you don't want to download anything, this is a cool site to check out). Finally, my google desktop has a feature that will keep a running picture slideshow. It not only runs through the pictures I have on my harddrive but also pulls them off the blogs I'm watching. So I'll be sitting here typing a paper and all the suddent a picture of my neighbors darling kids with pop up, followed by a picture of my friend's daughters birthday party, and so on. I love it. The posted picture above is a screenshot of the right half of my computer screen so you can see what I'm talking about. Click on it so its bigger and then you can see what its like. I love it.

Basically what I'm saying is I'm obsessed with google. I love it. They have the best email and they keep coming up with more and more products that are so innovative. The best part is that everything they offer is FREE! I love google. If I weren't so polisci obsessed I would move to California and get a job at google headquarters. I know, sick. I have actually looked at google job openings once. And I wanted to get a google tshirt, but I haven't yet. That's what a big nerd i am.

4 little remarks:

Heather said...

This google desktop sounds awesome! I'll have to give it a try!
It's so funny - when I was looking at your wedding pictures I noticed Holly & Davis Strong in a few photos! They're in our ward - along with Russ & Amy Adams. Small world, huh?
To answer your question, I'm not a nurse (unfortunately). I'll be interviewing patients in the ER & getting their insurance/demographic info, etc. registration stuff.

Tiff said...

I have always been jealous of Mac users because they have this feature - all the while having no idea I had this great thing right at my fingertips! I just downloaded it - thanks for waking me up!

Marcia said...

Did you know that my friend, Gayle DeFriez has a son that works for Google in California? When you're ready to go work for them, I'll call Eric and get you an interview! Be a nerd!! Go for the Google money!!! Take care of your mother in her old age!


Davis Strong Family said...

Such a COOL feature. I too downloaded it. I might need some help figuring the whole thing out!!! I'm also very thrilled to see you have a blog!! I will check often.

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