Monday, December 10, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Finally, today, after weeks of talking about it, we went and got ourselves a Christmas Tree. We went to Home Depot (yea Dad!) and got this lovely Balsam Fir. The trees there were ginormous so this was the smallest one we found. Well except for these alleged pines. I say alleged because although they were in the garden center they looked like plastic to me. Very suspicious. So because we are young and newlywed and poor we knew we could not go out and buy a trees worth of ornaments. So instead we got the lights, and I made these ornaments by hand. I learned at my Stampin Up Club party. Paper--$9.99, makes like 60 ornaments. Darling green ribbon $0.99 a roll. And the little garland is made of little red and white stickers stuck on a piece of thread (I give credit to Martha -- well to her staff who came up with the idea). The good news is now our apartment smell lovely and looks just amazing. We're feeling very christmasy. We miss our family in Utah a lot, but its exciting to be on our own having our own adventure. 4 Months of Marriage and all is well. :)

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Chill said...

Look how cute you are! What if you make me some adorable ornaments and ship them out my way and I pay you for them?!

Along with a basket that you weaved.


Amy said...

I just love the smell of a real christmas tree. I love that you made your ornaments. Our first year I think we went to the dollar store and bought ornaments there. We miss you guys

Jessie said...

Your ornaments are adorable! I think you should post instructions on how to make them... though I guess the Stampin' Up people might not like that so much, so maybe not.

You guys look like you're doing well--I'm so happy for you!

Marcia said...

I love the ornaments! What a Martha you are! Who knew my little brainy girl would also become a crafter, too!

Thanks for don't seem so far away this way.

The Mama

emily said...

Okay Anna, now I want instructions! I'd love to make some of my own!

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