Friday, December 21, 2007

A Little About the Buckeye State

A little about Ohio.
It is next to Indiana, not far from New England and D.C., North of Kentucky and South of Michigan.
We live in Columbus which is the capitol and smack in the middle of the state.
We have a mini temple here. Its really cute.
Ohio is a swing state politically which means that tons of presidential candidates visit here. Its a very politically charged state.
The biggest thing in Columbus is the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Buckeye is the mascot of Ohio State. A buckeye is a poisonous nut and the mascot is a man with a buckeye nut for a head--Brutus Buckeye.
Ohio State football here is HUGE. I cannot explain how huge. The rivalry with University of Michigan is one of the biggest around. Last year when OSU was ranked #1 and Michigan was ranked #2 students were selling their tickets to the game for $1000 a piece. Everywhere in Ohio you can buy Ohio State paraphenelia, at every grocery store you go into there is a Buckeye section. Its hilarious.
Its really flat, this makes it difficult to tell which was is North, South, etc...
It is the headquarters for the Limited Brands (Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works and other really big brands), the shopping here in general is really amazing. Not that I have money to spend there...but still.
The parks here are awesome. There are tons of them...they are like going into the country, its hard to believe you're still in Columbus.
We live down the street from a park and the river. There is a pathway like the Jordan River parkway but much longer. When it is warm I can ride my bike 3 miles down the path to campus. Its very busy, tons of bikers and joggers. And it is beautiful.
Falls here are amazing, tons of colors. We'll take pictures next year and blog them.
We do get snow here. Its kind of like a warm Utah winter. There are frigid days and warmer days. We get snow but it only stays on the ground for a few days and is never really that deep.
Phew that's a lot about Ohio. I'm putting this on the blog. Thanks for inspiring me Holly!

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Davis Strong Family said...

Anytime!!! I REALLY enjoyed reading about Ohio. I can't wait to see more pictures and hear more about your adventures!!!

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