Friday, December 14, 2007

More About Us

So I saw this on my friend Aleise's blog and I thought it was cute so here we go
  • what’s his name? Joseph LaVan B______
  • how long have you been together? We met in May 2006, went on our first date June 3rd (if you want to read the story of that go here) So we have been together now for over 18months! Wow, I'll have to tell Joe we missed our 18 month anniversary.
  • how long did you date? ha ha. well we dated for 5 1/2 months before we got engaged the first time. a year before we got engaged the second time. and it was almost 14 months to the day when we got married.
  • how old is he? 28 and yes I know he doesn't look it.
  • who eats more? He does. which means that now I do, which means I gained weight meeting him which means I am now on a diet (and back down 5 pounds!)
  • who is taller? he is, by 1 1/2 inches. we're a short couple and I'm very concerned for our children and their shortness.
  • who sings better? Joe, for sure Joe. He had a music scholarship in college and was in madrigals. But we both love singing and Joe likes to do crazy stuff while singing in sacrament meeting which makes me laugh so I am incapable of singing.
  • who is smarter? Well street smarts and financial smarts=definitely Joe. Book smarts, especially political smarts=Anna. Its a good balance.
  • who does the laundry? Supposedly me. And I like doing laundry except our washing machine is broken so we have to wring out the clothes by hand which means we both avoid doing laundry, but we're getting a new one for Christmas!
  • who does the dishes? Supposedly Joe. But sometimes we do them together. And sometimes I even do them on my own which i am proud of because I loathe doing the dishes.
  • who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Joe. I did and then he made me switch for some reason.
  • who pays the bills? Ironically, me. Joe is the financial planner but when it comes to day to day bill paying I'm better at remembering so I do.
  • who mows the lawn? Someone who our landlord has hired.
  • who cooks dinner? Me me me. Though Joe pitches in chopping onions and stuff. Once in a while he cooks on his own.
  • who drives when you are together? Always Joe. I hate driving. I joke that I'm going to become one of those 80 year old women who doesn't know how to drive when my husband dies becasue I haven't in so long.
  • who is more stubborn? me. and that's all I have to say about that.
  • who kissed who first? He kissed me first, but he claims I looked at his lips. And I probably did since I was thinking "I really wish you'd kiss me"
  • who asked who out first? again, this is debateable, I say he felt like he had to ask me out because of my text, he says he was planning on it anyway.
  • who proposed? the first time Joe, the second time me. After all I put him through with calling off the engagement it was only fair that I repropose
  • who is more sensitive? Joe is. I am sensitive, but I'm a girl so it comes more naturally, but Joe's amazingly sensitive for a boy.
  • who has more friends? Me. Joe has people he's been friends with for longer, like over 10 years. But he's lived longer so maybe I'll catch up.
  • who has more siblings? He does. He's from a family of 6 and I'm from a family of 3.
  • who wears the pants in the family? We both do? Big pants I guess.

2 little remarks:

Aliese Fry said...

Love it! I totally didn't know you'd been engaged to him twice...That's interesting.

Tiff said...

Okay, seriously that story of how you met is super fun to read (and probably to live...)

I wish we would have done something like that when we got married. Guess I'll just have to scrapbook it. :)

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