Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Select a Candidate

Click here to take this quiz to help you decide who to vote for. :)

So today I finally took this quiz that Joe emailed to me. It is to help you see who aligns with your opinions on the issues. I found it interesting and informative. I can say nothing for its methodology. LOL.

Here are my results:

Apparently I'm supposed to vote for Chris Dodd (score-12.0). I have never heard of him which makes me think he doesn't have a fighting chance. I say no.

Luckily tied for first is Barak Obama (12.0) I knew that he was someone I could vote for. Unfortunately he and I still disagree on some key issues like abortion (and though my aunt calls me a flaming liberal, I'm actually rather moderate and, yes, opposed to legalizing all abortions everywhere.

Next: Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, and Mike Huckabee all got scores of 9.0. Of these i can confidently say no on Hillary Clinton (mostly cuz she's a mudslinger and not bipartisan enough for me). I don't know enough about the other candidates, but Mike Huckabee has a chuck norris ad and is a devout Christian (former minister) so I'm inclined to vote for him as well.

Unfortunately Mitt Romney only got an 8.0...which is sad because he's Mormon and I know his religious/moral views would align well with mine. But I'm just not sure if he can win or even if we agree on enough of the substantive issues. Still, if it were he and Hillary in the final showdown you can bet that I'll be voting for him.

So there you go, I hope you have fun taking this quiz, I sure did.

Signing off,

Your resident liberal hack (and yes someone called me this at BYU and it made me laugh)

4 little remarks:

Brandon said...

Here's mine:

McCain: 23
Duncan Hunter: 22
Thompson: 22
Romney: 18
Huckabee: 18
Guiliani: 16
Ron Paul: 13

And happily, Hillary scored a 5.

That survey is kinda less-effective... the education one especially had a list of stuff that wasn't necessarily either/or and that was frustrating.

Amy said...

I know the feeling of being called liberal. Well, actually, someone basically once told me I was going to hell by being associated with the "liberal rag" that our newspaper is at BYU-Idaho. Ah, satisfaction of a job well done. :)

Pol & Goozle said...

O HAI Anna! we has blogz! Comez 2 r blogz an u wul faind goldn putz!

Davis Strong Family said...

I don't remember the numbers but Romney was #1 and Hilary came in almost dead last!!! :) The survey was a bit is politics. Most of the questions didn't have answers that I really liked. OH well, that's America for you!!!! LOL

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