Monday, January 28, 2008

Google Art aka How I Know About the Invention of Cool Things, holidays, and Birthdays of Cool People

So apparently, ten years ago today the Lego was patented. Thus, google's webpage has this art today. I like legos and I agree that the day of their patent should be celebrated. (BTW, I learned this by googling "lego January 28" after seeing google's art today and found the info on this person's blog I just realized that some of you reading this might not know this about google (like my mom or dad) but google often changes their web art to celebrate holidays, cool people, or randomly cool stuff. Just check them out on Valentine's or President's Day (or today) to see what I mean.

So I've decided on my dream job. I want to be that person at google that spends my day researching randomness. And by randomness I mean things like this...I want to be that person who says, "hey next week is the anniversary of the lego patent, we should celebrate it" That would be cool. So if you know where I apply for such a position please let me know, and hopefully working for google would also include stock options. :)

2 little remarks:

Ali said...

Thanks for doing the research for me...I was wondering what that was all about!

Marcia said...

What are you talking about??? Did you think your mom didn't know about the google logo? I have known about that for a long time. NOt only that, kid, I have a connection at Google, and could possibly hook you up for an interview, but alas, you will probably underestimate me bout that too, and not even ask...

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