Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is the Presidential Primary Process Confusing to You?

Because its confusing to me. Now while I am getting my PhD in political science, I know VERY little about American politics. I know only what I glean from the daily news, random magazine articles, and my Intro to American Government class I took at the Y. So today when seeking to find out the status of the primaries I ran into two very helpful little...uh I guess you'd call them "tutorials"...on CNNs website explaining the delegate selection process. Did you think that if a candidate wins a state they get all the votes for that state? Not necessarily. Are you sitting there thinking...delegate? what's a delegate? If so, check out these two fabulous sites, it won't take you long.

Delegate Scorecard

Why delegates matter

This needs a picture...uh here's a screenshot of some of the pretty graphics you can expect. :) And my picture is even about republicans, my dad would be so proud.

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