Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Current Soapbox

So my friend Ali is moving and so I gave her this advice. Ever since what happened with our moving van I've felt compelled to give other people advice on "what i wish i would have done." Moving is stressful and a lot of times all you are thinking is how to save money, but there are a lot of things to consider. So here's the list:

-If you can afford it, or if the company you work for will pay for it get a full-service moving company, look for reviews on problems/good experiences people have had.
-If not try ABF UPack, my friends who have used that company had a great experience
-I would seriously advise against using a personal moving van (Uhaul, Penske, etc...) unless you can make the move in one day and get the majority of the van unpacked that night with the help of ward members and what not.
-Ask LOTS and LOTS of questions about what is covered in case of the following: natural disaster, theft, car accident
-Make sure you have insurance:
--talk to your insurance agent about what is covered under your renter's insurance policy (your car insurance policy likely does not cover theft of items in the car, only the car itself)---what are the limits on your policy (we lost approximately $20,000 worth of stuff, so you'll need a high limit, you own more than you realize), how does this play into your things while moving, does it matter if you are driving it or if someone else is, if you are moving and things are stolen in transit will they cover the entire cost of your contents or only a portion (because of some technicalities our insurance company only would give us 10% of the value of the policy.
--if there is optional insurance with the moving company, look into it--again ask if this only covers damages in case of an accident or something or if it covers theft--if they do not cover it in case of theft, if the coverage is not high enough, consider buying moving insurance. Seriously there are companies out there who do insurance just for people moving. I really wish we'd been double covered.
--take anything that is REALLY important to you, with you. Your camera, your computer with digital files, personal papers--legal sensitive documents, your marriage license and other things that cannot be replaced.
--take PICTURES of everything of value. do it as you pack, trust me. This is a good thing to have in the future, should your house burn down, you have a flood, or any other reason to file something with your homeowner's insurance. if anything should happen you will have to itemize every single thing you lost and prove you owned it. you own an heirloom diamond necklace of your grandmas? you better have a picture of it or the insurance company may try to dispute whether you owned it or of what value it was. its lame, but true. an insurance adjuster's job is to get out of the claim having paid out as little money as possible.

2 little remarks:

Scarehaircare said...

Hi Cuz! I've linked my blog to yours. We moved ourselves and had the elder quroum over two seperate days (a month apart) to move us in. When I heard of your experiences my jaw dropped to the floor. How awful!

Your dad has my email. Email me and I'll give you details of where we are and what we're doing. {{{hugs}}}

Aliese Fry said...

Some of this is actually fantastic advice for EVERYONE!!! When we bought our house, our insurance agent said we should go through every box and either take pictures or video tape everything or else there were sure to be problems if we ever made a claim.

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