Saturday, January 26, 2008

My New Years Resolution

So about a month before New Years I decided to once again try to lose weight, this time focusing more on my food than working out--though I have been working out. This picture, is my "goal" picture. This is how I looked when I met Joe (the two other girls in this picture are Katie and Bethany, this photo makes me laugh because it was Spring 2006 and none of us were seriously dating someone and a little over a year later we were all married. Good times girls!) Anyway, so I'm not the perfect dieter, at all. In fact I'm horrible at it. But we've been doing okay, hardly EVER eating out, and trying to just watch our calories. Grocery shopping takes twice as long with me both comparing prices and nutrition facts. But its paying off. Between last week and this week I lost 7 pounds--SEVEN!! It nothing short of a miracle. I attribute it in part to Yoplait's Key Lime Pie thick and creamy yogurt--at a hundred calories and tasting exactly like key lime pie (you can even taste the crust, its nuts), it has been one of my saving graces. Love it. Anyway, so the New Years resolution seems to be working out okay. I'm just super happy. lets hope the trend continues.
If you're interested in watching your calories intake, here's a super helpful website. Its free, it has pretty charts, and entering my food every day (or ever other day) is highly motivating....WHAT, 50% of my calories came from fat! This is ridiculous. Lesson learned: I need to eat more vegetables, vegetables are practically calorie free---well at least the green stuff is.

5 little remarks:

Amy said...

Way to go!! My Sister-in-law eats the Key Lime Pie yogurt. She loves it too. Keep up the good work!

Aliese Fry said...

WOW! Good job, Anna! I definitely envy you. That's fantastic.

Ali said...

Whoa...congrats! You're an inspiration. Even though I hate those thick and creamy yogurts- I do love yogurt and granola. Can't go wrong (most times) :)

Marcia said...

So the secret ingredient is yummy yogurt! What ever it is, I am way proud of you, honey. I know this is a big accomplishment for you!!

Heather said...

I'm so proud of you Anna! I also have a very hard time dieting (and exercising), so I'm proud of you for sticking with it! Go you!!!
Thanks for the link to that website too - I will use it!

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