Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sweet Justice -- Mitt Wins Michigan & My Facebook Foe is Defeated

So some of you reading this may be thinking..."Wait, you're excited Mitt won Michigan I thought you were a Democrat." And to this I must say, yes, I'm still a democrat. Yes I'm excited Mitt won (I'm actually not sure its official yet) the primary in Michigan. I'm excited he won for a number of reasons...(not the least of which I like some of his policies and feel torn between him and Obama), but the most amusing reason is related to the situation below.

So, earlier this week I was targeted in a mass email from a facebook "person" called Trust Mitt, or something like that. Apparently this person in the BYU network targeted a bunch of BYU people...perhaps those of us who say we're tell us that in protest of how terribly Mitt has been treated by Huckabee...blah blah blah...the whole world hates Mormons...blah blah blah...fight against the injustice in the world, that I should vote for Hilary or Obama in protest. Awesome. I love when uninformed people tell me what to do with my vote for reasons completely unrelated to the issues. Awesome, I love how people bug me about stuff like this. I also find it funny that people try to tell me what to do when I'm getting my PhD in political science. I'm not saying I know everything, but do you really think you're going to convince me with a completely emotional un-intelligent argument. Here's the website this person has. Anyway this email began an exchange on facebook where I told her that this was ridiculous and it would be ineffective and the waste of a vote. Not surprising she/he sent me a rant about how if they voted on the issues it would be for Newt (SUPRISE SUPRISE, lol) and they were trying to make a statement. Now I love America because people can say what they want, but do they really have to keep bugging me? Anyway, their final response was "its all over for Mitt after Michigan anyway."

So you can imagine the double victory I felt when I reported this individual to facebook for not being a real person (and their profile no longer exists -- victory number one) and then Mitt won Michigan and they were totally wrong (victory number two). Anyway, it just made me happy. It was my outside validation for mocking this person and their arguments. I love political campaigns...they are a source of constant source of entertainment. Its just tragic that we don't get Comedy Central so I can watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report (Truthiness! Its more than just a made up word!)

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Felicity said...
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Felicity said...

Ah, good times in the political world. People are dumb, what can you say? Visit this blog for some FANTASTIC reasons to vote for Mitt. I laughed my head off...

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