Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Things I lot.

So I've been tagged by Jessie, so here are three things I love more than my husband, children, or soda. I don't understand why soda is on the no-go list. And I don't have children...but I think I have some other things.

1. Random very funny things. Today in my math class things were silent and all of the sudden I hear this meow sound. I could not believe it. The professor turned around from the chalk board and instead of continuing on, stopped, puzzled, and said "Did someone just meow?" I thought I was going to die it was so funny. and the best part was that this person obviously did not mean to purposely meow for all of her class to hear. And yesterday I was sitting in the computer lab when I hear two guys in class start talking in detail about Hillary Clinton's wardrobe and how her lemon yellow suit was so terrible---fashion debates between males students about a female politicians clothes??--totally random. If it were not for such absolute randomness my life would be far more boring.

2. Stampin Up Club. The darlingest girls in my ward got together to start a Stampin Up club, its super fun. We meet once a month and Kristen has projects prepared that are so simple but make me look like I'm way more creative than I am. It reminds me that I am a girl and there is life beyond making dinner, studying, and answering my emails. I love it!

3. Google. Everything google. It makes my life so much easier, streamlined, and more comfortable. google websearch, google desktop, google calendar, You Tube....need I say more?

I'm tagging....Amy, Holly, and Ellen.

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Jessie said...

So I think the point of the no soda thing was that the girl who started this tag is addicted to Diet Coke... as were the three people she sent it off to... so she was trying to avoid obvious loves by banning the three biggies in her life--hubby, child, and soda. Luckily, some of us don't have that addiction.

I love the Stampin' Up stuff, too--just wish I had more money and time to devote to it--my mother-in-law has some really cute stuff from them, though, which I love playing with.

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