Friday, January 11, 2008

Turn Your Blog into a BOOK?

So I wasn't sure if I put this in my last post about, but I'm putting it now. And no I'm not a paid spokesman for blurb, but they are freakin amazing. So they have a feature where you can tell the program your blog password and it will connect to the server and download your blog and format it into a book. Its so amazing. We do not have enough of a blog to do this yet, but my aunt and uncle are on a mission in africa and they blog often. So when they get back my dad is going to make them one and won't that be an awesome keepsake. Very cool. If you want to see more about the blog to book feature check it out here. At $12.95 each (to start) they are a total bargin and great gift. If you want to see the books we did for our parents you can preview the first 15 pages online. Go to the bookstore at and search for B______ (our last name) Our books are the only ones that will come up. :)

Also, I just added a blog counter to our blog (in the lower right). I thought it would be cool to have a numerical value to attach to the popularity rating in my head. Though perhaps I should have started it at 1495 or something instead of 0. Perceieved popularity might increase my actual popularity...dang, too late.

This post has no pictures...I'll add a random one. Here are a couple pictures of Joe and I on our cross country trip in August (Joe with a cow near my ancestors graveyard and me by the winter quarters temple at night--so beautiful!). Oh and I'm posting a picture of the blog book because its just that cool.

3 little remarks:

Brandon said...

Holy cow, that's great. I've been wondering how to make a more permanent copy of the blog.

Thanks for the heads up.

Tiff said...

I checked this site out and I REALLY like the price, but I scrap in 12x12.. and they only have a 7x7 square book. It's a little small for what I want. I guess I could re-do the few digital pages I have done a different size, and I don't know why I'm inclined to do that size - maybe because of my "traditional" scrapping background. Anyway, what size do you do?

Anna said...

I've done the biggest size they do...for my family's books. (I think it's 13 x 11. It looks awesome. I know there's some flexibility, not with size, but with the software. You can do pages in photoshop and stuff and convert it across or use their templates.

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