Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Thing to Pray For

So our next door neighbors the Beazers go to the same church we do. We switched to 11:00 church so sometimes we leave at 9:30 to go to choir and somedays we sleep in and don't leave til 10:30. (btw I only refer to the members of their family by their first initial since this is their practice on their blog, but don't worry, they have normal full names, just thought I'd explain so you weren't confused) B has to get the kids out the door by herself most Sundays because Q is already at meetings. A 3 year old and a baby and all their necessary gear is quite the operation. So one morning to try to get L (the 3 year old) out the door B said, "Look the Bergevin's haven't left yet, we have to beat them" which apparently L was quite excited about telling her mom to hurry (I'm glad our slowness can be of service to someone). So they beat us to church that day and L was so proud.

So yesterday we were leaving church the same time as their family. So I told Joe to race. Its a 20 minute drive so this leaves plenty of time for racing, and with both of us owning the speed devil Toyota Corollas I knew it would be quite the "race". Who new though that B had such a lead foot!? So initially they were in the lead, not knowing it was a race. We cruised by them, and they totally took the bait. They killed us and totally passed us. Then we were on the freeway which always makes for a more intense race. So we passed them once more laughing and making faces at them. Then not long before we got home they regained the lead and it was over. Clearly they are the superior family.

(Just so you know Corollas make sweet racing cars. Just look at this one from the Proton Mania Club)

Well that was all well and good, but THEN we had their family over for dinner last night. It was time to say the prayer on the food and we asked L to say it. Now L's prayers can often be amusing in some way -- all little kids prayers are (in Nursery at church a few weeks ago Hallie thanked God for their diapers, what can I say, kids are grateful). So I often have to stifle a laugh when L prays, but yesterday I could not contain myself when L's prayer went something like this, "Thank you for this day. Thank you for...[something else] and thank you for letting us beat Joe and Anna home from church...please bless this food [and so on]" I was giggling all through the rest of the prayer and afterward L was confused, "Anna why are you laughing."

I had no idea that God was on the Beazers side! But props to L for being grateful. Clearly her parents have taught her that God blesses it clearly follows that God helped them win the race. :) Apparently trying to beat the Beazers home from church is a fruitless endeavor, but still I think we'll keep trying.

3 little remarks:

Scarehaircare said...

My little girl thanks God daily for all the birthday presents in the world. Hmmmmmm.

Aliese Fry said...

I love kiddie prayers! So sincere.

Ali said...

What a cute story Anna. I surprised myself in being able to follow all of the one letter-names. Way to tell a great story! :) ANd I'm so glad you have such cute neighbors

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