Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Joe!

A few photos related to Joe's birthday, it was good times. Well as good times as adult birthdays can be. If we'd been back in Utah we would have had a bunch of friends and family over for a party, but we're still building a network of friends here and we are super busy so we didn't do anything big. I'm excited for us to have kids because kids parties are WAAAAY more fun than adults. Because they are so much more excited about their birthday. Last month it was Ls birthday and her mom said that all the way to church one day she sang a song she made up about "I'm three, I'm three, its so great to be three." I don't know the lyrics, but lets just say she reminds me every chance she gets that she is now three. But around our house I haven't heard Joe singing "I'm 29, its so totally fine" though maybe he practices while I'm at school. But he doesn't seem nearly as excited about being 29 as L is about being 3. Anyway, as the post below notes, we went and played pool, but we also made dark chocolate covered strawberries, Joe was so happy. So was I. And so were are neighbors who got some of the extras. So we just melted some Ghiradelli chocolate chips and then dipped the strawberries in and chilled in the refrigerator. They were delicious and Joe was a happy little man. He's very addicted to dark chocolate lately (which is an improvement from his peanut m&m's).We actually did this on the day after Joe's birthday. But Joe's actual birthday brought a nice surprise, L our next door neighbor brought over a card for Joe. It was hilarious! B had helped L make the card, she wrote whatever L said and then L asked her to write her name in staples. There are a zillion stickers. Its fabulous. But by far the best part is what's written on the front and inside. I wish I could show a picture of the whole card because its so funny, but their family's first and last names are on it, so for privacy reasons I could only show you parts. I also got a card, even though it was not my special day. Also, very funny. Needless to say we laugh every time we read them and they are posted on our fridge for the time being. Here are some photos, apparently the new way to wish someone a happy birthday is to tell them to "Be Careful" and "Watch Out!"

3 little remarks:

Aliese Fry said...

Whatever, Anna...I'm totally impressed with your craftiness! I might have to copycat. I must say I'm completely jealous about your yummy strawberries! Wow, they look so yummy!

Heather said...

Sounds like you have fun neighbors! I have to agree with Aliese - I'm jealous of your strawberries too!

Laura said...

happy birthday, joe! too bad we didn't know sooner - we'd have made you a card, too. :)

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