Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, Baby


You are so amazing! There are so many things I love about you as well. There are so many gifts that you have been blessed with. So I am going to name just a few, in no particular order (for other readers, very sorry for the mushiness)...

10. The Gift of Showing Love. I love how you do things like make a "Top 10 things I love about Joe" blog post, and tell everyone how much you appreciate me on our 6 month anniversary. You always make me feel so loved.

9. The Gift of Beauty. You're amazingly beautiful! You're like a 10! I can't believe you're mine. So lucky. So blessed.

8. You have the Gift of Discernment. So often I find you talking with a friend or someone you just met, and giving them some kind of advise about a trial they're currently going through. You're first thought is to look for those things. I think that's also a Gift of Charity.

7. Your amazing Gift for Journaling. You are clearly driven to keep a regular records of your life. I love it!

6. The Gift of Feeling Love. It is no small thing to have the ability to recognize when someone is showing you their love, no matter how they are showing it. This really is a rare gift.

5. The Gift of Friendship. You've never had a problem keeping in touch with your friends. And everywhere we've gone together, you've always quickly built up a network of people you can count on and trust as friends; not to mention their trust in you. You're just a good friend. And my best friend.

4. The Gift of Being Able to Mourn a Loss. I believe this is also known as the Gift of a Tender Heart.

3. The Gift of Humor. I love to hear your laugh! It seriously brightens my day. You make me laugh so much. And you laugh at me and with me. I really love that gift.

2. The Gift of Automatically Being Loved by Children. I don't know exactly how to pin-point this one, but it just happens...all the time!

1. The Gift of Intelligence. Anna, you are extremely smart! And you don't just use your smarts for the Doctoral program you're in. You use them for all the areas of your life - for all things from figuring out cool tricks to do with this blogger (for which I am very jealous) to analyzing your feelings about something. You always speak so intelligently, and your mind is very sharp and delightfully witty. I have always loved that about you.

So Happy Valentines Day, Anna! I love you so much, and I will see you tonight! ;)


2 little remarks:

Aliese Fry said...

Oh, Joe...You're so sweet! Anna, definitely lovin' the new picture up top--that's a way cute one!

Amy said...

You guys are too cute! I love you guys!

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