Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Joey

So Valentine's Day...

In honor of the holiday here are 10 things I love about my husband (no one need feel obligated to read such sentimental/silly thoughts)

10. He makes me laugh. Who else has such an undying commitment to the Muppets, chooses to rent MacGyver Season 1 from netflix as his first choice, and can ALWAYS entertain himself either by singing, talking to himself, or...gosh I don't know, taking something apart to see how it works---an amusing thing to watch.

9. He's a really good friend. Not just to me, but to everyone. He always wants people to feel included, important, and like they have a friend. He can talk to anyone.

8. He's one of the most selfless and forgiving people I know. What an amazing quality to have in a spouse!

7. He's a total nerd. His new favorite store is "Microcenter." He likes to just go and walk around and dream about getting a new computer, those amazing speakers, a better camera, or really nerdy things like external hard drives...I'm just glad he's not too into gaming.

6. He has actually bought something "As Seen on TV" from TV. And after we lost the "Miracle Blade" in the moving van Joe asked it we could repurchase them. He also wanted the Magic Bullet Blender, but we are not so lucky! Lol. Whenever I see items in the store with that "As Seen on TV Label" I stop to look and see if its something he would like--and about half the time I tell him about them and he says "that's so cool!"

5. He is GREAT with kids. We have so much fun with his nieces and nephews and I love watching him with the kids in the nursery at church.

4. He's very romantic and always trying to be a better husband. He's so thoughtful. His sisters were totally right when they told me I was getting a good guy--he really is a great guy!

3. He's incredibly ambitious and hardworking. He works so hard all day in a job that he has to be completely self-motivated for. He really is passionate about helping other people and I'm glad he can make a living doing what he does. He's always positive and rarely gets discouraged.

2. He's good looking. Here's a picture, can't you see how ridiculously good looking he is? Amazing eyes, great teeth (I totally envy his teeth), good hair...I could go on and on.

1. I've never met anyone more perfect for me. Before we met I made a list of about 40 things I wanted in a spouse someday, when I met Joe he had everything but one (including totally superfluous things like being a good singer). I find new things to love about him all the time.

I'm totally nuts about him! I count myself blessed every day that we were able to meet and get married. He stuck around through a lot of drama and patiently waited for me to figure things out, hopefully he thinks it was worth it!

I love you honey, Happy Valentine's Day!

3 little remarks:

Jess said...

Being married is wonderful!

And I got my blog template from
(I found it through Aliese)

Aliese Fry said...

So sweet!

Marcia said...

It is a great joy for a mother to see her daughter so happily an well suited in marriage. I agree; Joe is a great guy!

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