Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Having a Bad Valentine's Day?

If you're having a bad Valentine's Day check out Stephanie's blog because there's no way you can look at that post and not smile. Her baby Creed is adorable--I've never seen a baby with a bigger smile. I got to hold him during church a week ago while Stephanie taught an awesome lesson about love in Relief Society.

Anyway, I ran across Stephanie's blog through Brooke's and I cannot believe how many good ideas she has, it amazes me. Stephanie goes to the same church as us so I've gotten to know her a little there, but I think I know her more through reading her blog. It's too bad their family will be moving back to Utah soon because I could surely benefit from her creativity rubbing off on me. Seriously, check out these Valentine's cards she made with Creed's pictures and photoshop, so cute.

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lilliandcrew said...

i found your blog, its really cute! happy valentine's day!

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