Friday, February 1, 2008

HIV? Mono? I don't think so.

So a few weeks ago my doctor ran some routine blood tests to see if I was...on drugs, had normal cholesterol, good blood cell counts and whatnot. My white blood cell count came back low and she suggested I go get it checked out. So today I spent an glorious hour and a half at the student health center. The doctor suggested I get tested for HIV. I tried to tell him why my lifestyle choices would make having HIV an impossibility, but alas, he must have assumed I was lying because he insisted I skip the lecture I was supposed to go to and get tested for HIV. I also got tested for Mono and redid the regular blood test routine, which I expected, but the HIV test made me laugh. Wonderful, I celebrated my 6 month anniversary by getting tested from HIV. I'm happy to report, the results of all tests came back negative and I'm perfectly fine. Hopefully this was my first--and last--HIV test.

2 little remarks:

Ali said...

Whoa...I'm glad you're ok! That is scary. I had to get tested for HIV last year cause a patient's blood flipped in my eye. I was SO scared until I got the negative results. Mono is TeRriBlE too. Stay Healthy Anna!~

Tiff said...

LOL! Who knew.. Anna Sanders would get tested for HIV. I never would have thought - thats for sure!

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