Saturday, February 16, 2008

Math=My Life?

So I would just like you all to know that I have worked on my math homework for about 4 hours today and it was only 2 problems long. And I'd already invested at least 4 hours on it this week. And those two problems took almost 5 pages to answer...but there are some charts and graphs. But creating charts and graphs is time consuming. And we had to get help from our professor...and it was hard...and I was working so hard I forgot to eat lunch until like 2 and my stomach hurt. The good news is I'm better learning my greek alphabet so when I see people with sorority or fraternity shirts on I can read them instead of just thinking....what's that symbol again? So I guess it was all worth it.

Oh and by the way, its SATURDAY!!

I just wanted to vent. But it could be worse, I could be reading, which is what I have to go do now. Who knew I preferred math to reading?!

I am continuing to ponder my career change to: working for google, photography, cosmetology, working at Pottery Barn, and statistical modeling where I get paid.

For now, I'm a grad student making like $2.00 an hour. When I think of how much more the dentists and doctors will make after their schooling it makes me sick.

2 little remarks:

Amy said...

I am so sorry! I really feel bad for you. I remember days working on math homework for hours and this was just algebra. You might not make more than a dentist but you will be smarter than one.

Brandon said...

I think I'd rather die than do what you're doing.

Four hours on two math problems?

That exactly coincides with my idea of hell.

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