Saturday, February 2, 2008

On a Posting Spree -- Good Date Ideas

So, in the spirit of Valentine's Day I have been thinking about more creative dates Joe and I could go on. i found this list on this website. I also saw a book at Barnes and Noble about cool date things to do in Columbus (for thos of you who live around here). Joe and I plan on buying that one soon because we want to live it up in Columbus while we're here. If you guys have any other great date ideas (the cheaper the better, let us know). And if you live around here we should totally double sometime and try some of these out.

Free Dates
• Fly kites, for an added twist, make your own kite using newsprint and other fun embellishments you find around the house.
• Feed ducks at a park
• Use movies in your collection to have a “movie marathon”
• Attend the temple or a fireside together
• Go hiking. Take along a wildflower or bird watching book.
• Make dinner for an elderly couple in your neighborhood/ward and serve together
• Check out an astronomy book from the library then go out into the desert, woods, country and pick out constellations in the night sky
• Select a book you both enjoy (scriptures would work great) and take turns reading a loud to each other
• Arrange a progressive dinner with other couples
• Make a pizza and play board games
• Walk around the downtown area of local town, window shop, enjoy the weather and the time to talk
• Plan a scavenger hunt with other couples
• Play sports together (a GREAT way to get to know our date)
• Attend a local church-sponsored dance
• Head to the library, and pick something - independently or together - to enjoy together - music, video, book - travel, cooking, how-to, etc.
• Go on a picnic, don't for get big blanket and books to read.

Cheap Dates
• Rent a bicycle for two
• Go to a dollar movie and then split a sundae
• Borrow fishing poles, purchase a licence and bait, and pack a lunch. Spend a Saturday morning fishing. If no one catches anything, purchase fish at the local market and fry it up for dinner.
• Go to the zoo
• Attend a local high school football game
• Miniature golfing, bowling, driving or batting range
• Choose a film from the AFI's list of best 100 films in 100 years to rent
• Visit a local museum
• Go to a planetarium or science center (the latter usually has fun hands-on exhibits)
• Most cities large and small offer some kind of seasonal festival - find and attend one
• Take a scenic drive - find a local scenic byway in the USA.
• Rent roller blades at a local park
• Enroll in an Institute of Religion course together
• Take a class together (call your local community college or recreational center - they offer unique classes that usually last only one night)
• Attend a show at a local giant screen theatre
• Find a drive-in theater, and take in a show, be sure to order a burger, fries and milkshake for the whole experience.
• Visit a national park together
• Enjoy a night of disco roller skating or indoor ice skating.
• Watch the sunrise or sunset, your local newspaper has a time table of these daily occurrences, then go out for hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls.
• Go to a water park

Splurge Dates
• Hot air balloon ride
• Take a dinner cruise around a local lake
• Buy tickets to a local amusement park
• Attend a play or musical you and your date would like to see
• Rent the vehicle of your dreams for the evening
• Go bungee jumping or skydiving
• Go to a favorite artists concert
• Take a course in ballroom dance, and if you love it, vow to use your new found skill often.
• Attend the symphony or major theater production
• Get dressed up and try the new, hip restaurant in town
• Purchase tickets to a local sporting event, for added fun, tailgate.
• Arrange for a carriage ride around a local park or historical district
• Take in a dinner show at a local ghost town
• Be spontaneous and take a road trip
• Rent a boat / ATV’s / or jet ski’s for the day
• Skiing or snow boarding
• For married couples: rent a local hotel room for the evening and take advantage of the pampering services offered (massages, swimming pools, hot tubs, room service!)
• Charter a private plane for the evening

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Ali said...

Thanks for all the ideas! Really, sometimes I think we just get stuck in a rut and need to get creative. One date that I want to do with Jeff is to make silhouettes of our faces with black paper and a flashlight and make art out of them. I'm sure I'll enjoy it more than Jeff cause it's kind of a crafty project, but you give some, you take some, right? :)

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