Friday, March 28, 2008

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Since I am currently unemployed, apparently I need another blog to fill my time. Though I have not been blogging much here since I moved to Utah. I need WiFi so I can use my laptop which has the pictures.

Anyway I've decided to start another blog about stuff to do in Salt Lake. Because honestly I was thinking last night,when I couldn't sleep until 2:30am---"there is so much stuff here that I have said 'oh I've always wanted to do that' but never have." So I've decided to do it. Which means Joe will be doing most of it too. (Lucky him). So I'm going to try to go once a week--budget permitting--and do something cool in Utah and then report back with photos and telling you how it was "oh so fabulous"

So, my lovely blogging audience. What are some of your favorite things to do in Utah---destinations, events, weekend road trips. Bring it on. I need a long list. (but no Nutty Putty Caves. I'm claustrophobic and you cannot convince me it will be okay). And if you want to join Joe and I in our adventures, say that too, because heck we could use other people to double date with (plus that means we could have pictures of me AND Joe, which I'm thinking is going to be pretty important for the tandem bike riding along the Provo River. It would be awkward and unrepresentative to have a picture of Joe attempting to ride a tandem bike by himself. Though maybe I could develop my photoshopping skills by attempting to splice two photos together so that it would look like we were both riding...hmmm). But don't put me through that, come with us. And if you are single---still post and come too. Either you can grab a date or we can get a big group. I kind of miss the big group activities of the singles ward days anyway.

Okay enough rambling.

4 little remarks:

Laura said...

great idea! now, why didn't you do this for columbus? :) too bad nate and i never visit utah...

Steph said...

Where are you living in Utah because we're moving to Salt Lake around the end of June and I certainly look forward to having at least one friend out there! And my parents live in Provo so once in a while we'll have a babysitter for Creed so we're up for some fun double dates.

Do you ever read They could give you some ideas of fun things to do in Utah. I can't wait to see what you do.

Isn't Nutty Putty Caves cemented shut anyway? Or maybe that's just what they tell people to discourage them from going out there.

Amy said...

You should let Russ and I be your Photographers. I love your idea!

Scarehaircare said...

All right, get set, becaue I am an amateur pro at this:

1. The Greek Festival (Food and entertainment)

2. Oktoberfest at Snowbird (Food and entertainment)

3. The Huntsman Cancer Institute (I'm not kidding, they have a fab and cheap restaurant on the top floor and it happens to be run by Gastronomy. Have lunch and then go park in a canyon for some great hiking)

4. The Bonneville Lake Trail (speaking of hiking)

5. Purchase a cute-and-romantic-looking picnic basket and head to Caputos to fill it with yummy sammies and drinks. Take it to Memory Grove or Brigham Young Park for a romantic alfresco date. Be sure to take a blanket.
6. Check out the art galleries (many to choose from) and then take a walk downtown.

7. Free concerts at the Conference Center. Keep tabs on what is going on at Click on Events. Tickets go fast. Concerts are usually free.

8. On that same events page is list of free summer concerts at Brigham Young Park. You can also get a list at Temple Square. There is usually something every week.

9. Check out the Dinosaur Park in Ogden. IFyou do not have kids this would be a good time to borrow some. Their parents will get a free date night and you will get to see cool dinos thru a kid's eyes.

10. Utah Arts Festival during the summer.

11. Downtown Farmer's Market in the summer on Saturday mornings at Pioneer Park.

12. See the flowers at Thanksgiving Point. They also have fun cookie, gardening, and craft classes. There is a good ice cream palor there and a great Dinosaur Museum as well as movie theaters and IMAX. On Friday evenings they have a fun farmers market that has great samples.

13. This Is The Place Heritage Park has a great summer lecture series as well as events throughout the year.

14. Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City. Do not miss it. Hike in Bryce Canyon while you are there. You can stay in Cedar City but it is easier to find lodging in St. George.

15. Go temple hopping. See how many of the temples you can visit. Some will require weekend getaways. Keep it as historical as possible. Try to stay in B&B's that claim "Brigham Young Slept Here".

16. Hit the Swiss Days in Midway, Utah. The Homestead Resort in Midway often has great rates on an overnight stay with a massage or golf, dinner and bfast, and swimming in their volcano heated pool.

17. Chekc out the Olympic Park in Park City. Ride the Luge!

18. Grab your bikes and picnic basket. Park at Gardner Village in Westjordan/Midvale area. Load your basket with sammies from the Naborhood Bakery (that really is how they spell it) and pick a fudge flavor at Sweet Afton's. Bike up the Jordan River Trail. Don't forget to stop and shop when you get back. Archilbald's Restaurant in the Mill at Gardner Village has the best carrot cake in the state. You might want to stay for dinner.

19. Check out a foreign film at the Tower Theater. Or there is the IMAX at the Planetarium at the Gateway.

20. Take a community class together. Learn to knit, do tai chi, play guitar, ballroom dancing, ethnic cooking. Pick something you never would have considered doing before.

I'm on a roll....

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