Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Drama in "The Ohio": at least its not MY drama

Today I ran to the polls (literally, I got distracted at dinner and almost didn't leave in time. I got there at 7:25 and polls closed at 7:30. I guess I'm just not used to making voting a priority, particularly for the primary. I mean, I have lived in Utah for all of my eligible voting years and my vote there doesn't count (for presidential elections). But in Ohio this year I voted democrat and as you must know the democratic primary is neck and neck nationwide and it was to close to call in Ohio as well. Its been exciting to be in a state where I actually had campaign volunteers stop by my house to ask if I wanted literature or a yard sign, and to have candidates actually come to our state and to see tons of campaign ads. It was fun to victoriously cast my vote and feel like it made a difference. I considered not voting, because I'm busy -- though not too busy to blog, lol -- but then I thought "if I'm not happy with who the president turns out to be I can only blame myself and other lazy non-voters. So I went, I voted, and now I sit and wait for the results from Ohio and Texas. The results are coming in late because they ran out of paper ballots in some countys, which resulted in the Obama campaign filing a lawsuit to keep the polls open later, which means the polls closed an hour and a half late in some locations. Drama drama drama. But as my neighbor pointed out: its too bad Romney is no longer in the campaign because a Romney vs Obama election would have created so much drama--who do southern conservatives vote for, a Mormon or a black man? Now that would have been drama!

Okay on to my reading about some other politics--a less dramatic, but rather essential component of my life.

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