Friday, March 7, 2008

It's a **Good Thing**

So if you're a true and dedicated Martha Stewart fan you'll know why the words "good" and "thing" have stars around them. Martha Stewart of course does lots of crafts, has guests on, makes amazing food, teaches you how to organize your house, throw the perfect party and so on---essentially she's superwoman (because she has a staff of hundreds who actually come up with all of this and organize it all and get the supplies---no real woman can compete with that!). But I still try. There is still a huge part of me that says nearly daily "Forget political science I'm going home to make a handmade broom, my own popup book, and a lemon-blueberry pound cake." But inevitably I realize that I am not a stay at home mom and cannot justify being a stay at home wife and homemaker yet. So I stay at school and write often boring papers and delight in estimating statistical models (notice I said estimate a model, not run a model, you political scientists can appreciate the distinctions)

But that's a total tangent. Anyway so after Martha has just done something she's especially proud of she'll say something like, "Pomegranate hand woven linen napkins with a stitched's a good thing" Now being a big Martha fan I've incorporated that phrase into my life. So when I see something remarkably well done, delightful, or impressive I must declare that it's a good thing. For example: "Built in bookshelfs stuffed with all the books I love most...its a good thing" or "Hoisin lime sloppy-joes, suprising...they're a good thing" or even "Chili chocolate cook-offs where someone brings oreo truffles---they're a good thing"

Anyway, so I cannot even begin to express my delight at Tiffany's suggestion to my call for craft ideas for spring break. She pointed me to the Martha website and the CRAFT OF THE DAY!! I was so excited. Now I do not have time for 365 crafts a year, but I can appreciate picking from among so many neatly organized choices. Simply delightful Tiffany, I must say that this is certainly a good thing. Go take a peek and enjoy!

I can't wait for spring break and all the crafts I will do and the recipes I will try. But right now I have 2 papers and 2 finals to concentrate on, but this blogging was a blessed break.

2 little remarks:

Jess said...

Thanks for the craft link! I love crafts too but it is hard to figure out what to do sometimes. So thanks again!

Amy said...

Anna you are an excellent writer. I think you should write a book! You could call it "Random thoughts of Anna". I am always thoroughly interested in what you are writing about whether it is about politics, Martha Stewart, or any other topic you wish to talk about. I think that it shows that you are a good writer.

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