Friday, March 28, 2008

My New Project

So, has a lot of beautiful things. They are like unto Pottery Barn or Ikea in that I could buy almost the whole store. And they have this really cool item on their website. It is a decorative family tree. Actually I think I may have seen something similar in Joe's sister's house. Anyway there are two versions of them. The one they currently have on their website--this one, and then an older version which is pictured below. I am making the latter, mostly because I couldn't find any chipboard leaves at Joann's and this one is made entirely out of paper and is therefore cheaper. I found a template online that might be helpful in drawing the tree. I am not an artist and need all the help I can get. I can google and find myself templates that other people have skillfully created. If you are interested let me know and I can email it to you. I'd upload it here but its a pdf so I can't.

Anyway if you have excellent handwriting maybe you can assist me in this project--I'm a little nervous about that part.

5 little remarks:

Laura said...

can you just make mine? i'll have to bookmark this post and put it on my list of things i get to do after i'm done with school.

Ariel said...

I'm not emotionally prepared to go to a week of Annaless church. I really wanted to give you hug good bye on Sunday and I never found you. So here is my official farewell. You will be missed.
I'm excited to check out your new blog. It sounds really cool.
Peace and Love

Tiff said...

Oh! My mom would love this... e-mail me the how-to!

Heather said...

This is way cute! What a good idea to save some $ by making it yourself. I love things like this that make your house look like The Quilted Bear! :)

The Snavelys said...

What a cute idea! I'm so sad we didn't get to hang out before you left too! We will miss you! That's so cool that we have such similar taste, what a compliment to me. :)

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