Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"One of the Staples of Life" - Joe

So when Joe and I were dating he decided to whip out his imitation of a hissing cat---cuz if that doesn't get the chicks I don't know what will! It really made me laugh. So Joe taught me to perfect the hissing cat and now we hiss at everything and it makes me laugh all the time. Right now he's in Ohio packing up our stuff and I'm in Utah trying to get a job (one interview yesterday and one tomorrow---its going good!) So today Joe and I were chatting in instant messenger and this was our conversation. I thought I'd let you all know what we act like when no one else is around.

me: hey hot stuff

Joseph: hey baby

me: I miss you
come home!!!!

Joseph: I miss you too!!!
oh I was going to check about uhaul

me: so I emailed Terry today and he said they don't think they are going to have any work for me after all
check also Budget, they might be cheaper
and check Penske, after all the van worked fine. lol
and we still have AAA for the discount

Joseph: heeeeeeh
(that was a hiss at penske)

me: you make me laugh. how bout we hiss at theives and not at penske

Joseph: well, ok, I guess that makes more sense, just as long as I have someone to hiss at

me: its important to always have someone to hiss at

Joseph: one of the staples of life

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Aliese Fry said...
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Aliese Fry said...

Ha ha! So I have to share that I was reading this post during SSR (children read books, I read blogs)... I have this student-one of those kids with not many friends and a little weird-he totally hisses like a cat when someone comes too close to him or looks at him funny! Your post just made me think of him... :)

Felicity said...

Funny. That is all...

Laura said...

to funny...

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