Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme -- I Need, I NEED!

Beware: long rambling post to follow.

So, amazon.com has become a website I visit almost daily. Rarely directly, but for some reason my world keeps drawing me back to amazon.com. So today, while skimming the online preview portions of some books I need to review for a job interview I saw a link to the new Amazon Kindle. In fact I have often seen links to the Amazon Kindle but I kind of glance past them as I go on to either read Stephenie Meyer's must read list, post another textbook for sale, or do some research.

But today, while sitting at my computer at the hotel waiting for the phone to ring I was browsing the internet (in the true sense of the word browsing -- meaning mindlessly wandering). In fact, were someone to watch me "browse" the internet I am sure they could make a fun little game out of trying to follow my stream of consciousness. I swear there's a reason I move from one page to another, but my choices probably do look ridicuously random. For example, websites I visited today: alumni.byu.edu, spoilerfix.com, abc.com, amazon.com, gmail.com, various blogs, target.com, walmart.com, etsy.com, games.asobrain.com, vitalsmarts.com, facebook.com, linkedin.com, wikipedia.com, google.com---and all the random sites to which google has directed me...it goes on and on---I dare you to try to recreate what I was thinking that led me from one to the other. I probably couldn't myself. Chelsey: I bet you could write an entertaining story about this, it would be amusing. The point is: I could mindlessly wander the internet for hours---pathetic curiosity that is me.
Anyway, so during today's mindless wandering I read about the Amazon Kindle. I want one. I need one. Its seriously nifty. It is also $399.00 pre-shipping! Ouch. So I can't afford one now, but maybe for my next birthday/christmas/valentine's day/anniversary. Sigh. Oh well. But it's for the best--I really would rather purchase some other things first. But this is good, because I'd rather get the 2nd generation version anyway so they can work the bugs out.

You are probably wondering what this device is. Basically it's this tiny little portable electronic device that you read off. You can download books, get the newspaper delivered to it, check some of the most major blogs (but not just browse the internet in general, just get blog feeds sent to it), you can read documents off it that you emailed to it---WORD, etc.., you can read first chapters of books from it before you buy them, check wikipedia for free,and so on.

What makes it super cool is that it works of a network like cell phones do---you don't need to find a hotspot, or wirelessly transfer documents via bluetooth, or sync it with your PC. It just downloads them from this magical network (btw, I am proud to say that I now know how the internet works so I no longer think that info is just magically floating through the air, I do not know how Kindle's non-internet network works so to me it is still magical). Also cool: it has a built in dictionary---lazy me will usually not go get a dictionary to look up words I don't know, but this way its right there---expect a dramatic improvement in my word choice.

It holds its charge for a ridiculously long time(2 days if the wireless is on and about a week if its off). And while the $399 price tag seems high--there are no monthly charges to connect to the network or anything. And books aren't too expensive--- $9.99 for most NY Times Bestsellers / New Releases. And just think what you'd be doing for the environment. Don't get me wrong I still plan on purchasing some of my absolute favorite books (It's okay J.K. Rowling, I'll contribute to your ever expanding net worth by purchasing Harry Potter and how can I not have a few Jane Austen novels gracing my shelves?). And of course picture books for my children MUST be actually purchased---I doubt I can hold a child's attention with an electronic screen and no pictures.
So, I can save the earth and read my books. I can take it everywhere and not have to deal with that annoying page turning---I know this sounds pathetic but when you are reading until two in the morning it gets tiring to hold the book above your head and keep turning pages, or leaning on your side and trying to read sideways---do you know what I mean? And I cannot, I repeat CANNOT read sitting up in a chair for any length of time.

Joe is usually the gadgety one in this family, but this time its me. I want it bad. I can carry it in my purse. I can read it while waiting in Dr. Offices or on my lunch break or in the car while shh-ing Joe who is driving. It's seriously, a very cool item.

2 little remarks:

Laura said...

oh, geez. don't tell nate. he'll have to have one too!

Ali said...

Darn you Anna! I didn't need one more thing on my 'want list'...but now I'll have to add this one :(

Yet, thank you for educating me too! This sounds like the up and coming must have and I am glad I'm in the know :)

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