Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Have A Fun Summer! Call Me!

Do you remember how everyone wrote that on yearbook day and nobody called anyone they weren't already good friends with? Summer is coming and we are so excited. I've been working on my other blog----thought the job hunt has taken priority so I haven't gotten much done yet. But I have discovered some way cool happenings that Joe and I plan on taking part in this summer. I thought I'd let you know about them here.

I don't know when, but we're doing these sometime:

  • Hiking. I like hiking. Confession: I am not in shape and thus when I was single I avoided hiking because I really did not want to be that girl who some nice guy feels he must stay behind with. I went hiking some, but only when some of my wimpy friends were coming. What are some of your favorite hikes that you think we should check out?

  • Concerts in the Park.
  • One of my favorite things to do in the summer is go to these outdoor concerts in Salt Lake City. They are on Tuesday and Friday evenings at 8pm in Brigham Historic Park, which is just east of Temple Square. They are free and seating is just first come first serve: some chairs or bring blankets. It's is just a beautiful atmosphere. Sometimes its good to come really early and play card games so you can get a good seat. The concerts start June 3rd and go through August-ish. Some cool people they are having: The Cadillacs (Acapella Group), Mount Jubilee Chorus (Women's Barbershop), Joshua Creek (Country), Paul Burnside Band (Big Band Instrumental and Vocal Ensemble), Fire on the Mountain (Folk, Bluegrass, and Comedy), On the Air (Big Band Vocal Music of the '40s), Peter Brienholt, and Voice Male. There's a lot variety and its always good clean family fun. You should go at least once.

  • Picnicking at Memory Grove.
  • Joe and I took our engagement photos at memory grove and it is so peaceful and beautiful. After the moving van someone gave us this cool old school picnic basket. So I'm going to pack up a good picnic dinner and we'll go sit on a blanket, eat, walk around, and read. It feels like a very old fashioned romantic date. You can thank my cousin Carrie for the idea.

  • Chalk Festival. June 13th & 14th
  • So in middle school they always had this chalk contest out on the sidewalk and it was pretty cool. Imagine that, but with really talented artists. They do this every year at the gateway. They have like 100 artists, its free, and its to raise about foster care (Holly, you probably already know about this one)

        • Carillon Concert. June 19. 7pm Serioulsy my research has uncovered the most random, but cool events. I feel like a tourist in my own town. So BYU has this bell tower, if you've ever been to campus, you've heard it. It rings out songs all day, particularly when big events are going on. It's part of the Freedom Festival, so its lots of patriotic music and apparently people come and sit on the grassy hill by the tower and just enjoy it. I'm intrigued, and trying to be more patriotic, so I think we'll go.

        • Lavendar Days. 6/27-6/28. We are going to this if for no other reason than I want to ride in a paddle boat. I was SOOOOO disappointed when they took the paddle boats out of Liberty Park. I loved them when I was a kid. So Lavendar Days is the celebration of the Lavendar Harvest (random!). But with live music, pony rides, and did I mention the paddle boats?! How can you miss it. Plus its going to smell like beautiful lavendar everywhere. I'll probably buy some to take home and dry it and use it in something crafty. And though Mona, UT probably sounds terribly far away it is actually only an hour from my house here in Murray. If you want to carpool, let me know.


        • Battle of the Bands for Country Music? 7/5 8pm. It's true. It's free. And its brought to you by Sandy City. So they are having a country music competition called Star of the West I'm intrigued and hoping there is lots of Rascal Flatts type country because if it gets too twangy we might have to leave.

        • Utah Festival Opera Company. This is cool. So in Logan they have this festival every year. It goes pretty much for all of July and a little of August. Think Shakespeare festival but Opera and Broadway instead. I cannot vouch for the quality of the performances, but you'd think if they can afford to put on shows for a month they must have a pretty good reputation. They have several shows that rotate nights, so the ideas is that you could go up and stay a couple of days and see several. We will probably go one day and see one (we're not made of money, people). Unless we can find some Loganites to bunk with, then maybe we could see two. Shows this year: Manon Lescaut (never heard of it), AIDA (must see, if you have not seen this, you must, one of my all time faves), Into the Woods (Agony! Far more painful than yours! So funny), 1776 (pretty good music but the plot is a little dry for me), Gypsy (anyone know this one?).

        Okay now I'm running out of time because blogger has a scheduled "outage" in ten minutes. So there are a few other things (Including our awesome family vacation to my aunt and uncle's vacation house (that they rent out by the week, but are generously letting us use for free). Check it out, its awesome. And I love my Michigan family, so fun. We're excited. Doesn't the beach remind you of the beaches in Anne of Green Gables? And we're going to visit Macinack Island where cars are banned. Everyone rides bikes or is in horsedrawn carriages. It's very cool.)

        So thoser are our plans so far. What are your plans for the summer? Going on any cool road trips? Mini-vacations? BIG vacations? Attending any cool events? Let me know.

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        Jessie said...

        So another really cool thing that Cory and I love about the summer here is the Salt Lake City Jazz Festival, held at Washington Square, this year from July 11-13th, I think. Here's the info:
        It is a blast to attend, and I hope to make it to at least a little bit of it.

        Also, I think there are still lunchtime concerts at Gallivan Square (or plaza or whatever it's called) which are also pretty fun if you have a free lunch break.

        Heather said...

        Wow! Your blog is a really great resource Anna! I didn't know about the Chalk Festival, or Lavendar Days - sounds fun! I'm going to have to make Jarom go to some of these things with me. Hopefully he'll WANT to go to some of them! LOL

        Brandon said...

        I believe the correct phrase is "Have a good summer," or "HAGS," from our more lazy friends.

        Excellent ideas for summer activities. I spend all winter lamenting the lack of good weather, then when summer comes I don't take advantage of it nearly enough.

        Mandi and I are going to try and swing a California trip or something this August when we've got three weeks of no school or work. We'll discuss it with Scott and see if we can pull it off.

        Aliese Fry said...

        I know the Manti Pageant is a Summer Cliche, but it's definitely one of my most favorite things to do in that area. And hey, if you ever decide to come down here (you know, hiking in Zion's, Snow Canyon, and such), feel free to stay with us for free and we have "Movies in the Park" on Friday nights which are probably one of my most favorite free past times here.

        Laura said...

        I love outdoor concerts! they have picnic with the pops here. we went to clay aiken last year. (i'm kind of a closet clay-mate). it was so fun!! too bad it's not free.

        Jessie said...

        We also got a brochure for the Scera theater down here in Provo--looks like they're bringing in Jordin Sparks (last years AI winner), Boyz 2 Men (who knew they were still together? :), and 3 Dog Night, plus they're doing a bunch of shows and things, as well. Lots of fun. They also have outdoor movies, all kinds of good stuff. I'll give you more details if you want, or they probably have a website somewhere.

        Felicity said...

        I always enjoy the Redwood Drive-in for a warm summer night. Delightful! And though its not particularly a summer activity, you guys should really check out The Organ Loft just off State Street and 3300 South. They've got a show this week, and in two weeks they're showing Douglas Fairbanks' "The Black Pirate". I love that place!

        Malinovka said...

        That beach was totally Anne of Green Gables! And I just want to say that I went to the concerts in the park too, and LOVED them. What a perfect date. I only wish I were in Utah so I could take advantage of all the great summer events....

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