Friday, April 25, 2008

Maybe I Should Have Named This Blog "Cool Stuff I Like"

Lately there isn't that much personal info on this blog. Mainly because, well, not that much is going on. I have no kids to blog about. And I guess I could blog about Joe and I, "Got off work at 9 (early) came home and watched 'While You Were Sleeping'" but it bores me to even think about writing it. But I am hoping to have some very positive news in the job realm sometime very soon. Not counting my chickens before they are hatched also means not blogging about them. Lets just say that I have some very promising prospects.

Anyway on to more "stuff I like."

So a girl in my singles ward back in Holladay worked at Podfitness. She told me about it and I thought it sounded cool, but at the time I was working with a personal trainer at Gold's and so I didn't really look into it much more. But now I have just a gym membership, no trainer, and am determined to lose weight. I loved having a trainer. They teach you so much and help you be motivated. But trainers are also, expensive.

The trainer was helpful for a couple reasons:

  • I was accountable for what I ate (yes, seriously all I ate yesterday was pizza and E.L. Fudge cookies....insert ashamed look on face now),

  • I learned new exercises, and

  • I was pushed to work harder.
It was a sad day when I hit my last training session and could not afford more. Fast forward almost a year. Since then my usual routine when I go to the gym now is to watch Seinfeld/the news/etc while running on the eliptical or go to the Cardio Cinema at Gold's (the best gym invention...EVER. It's a dark movie theatre with cardio equipment. Run on the treadmill and watch the latest chick flick. Excellent) and then I maybe do 10 minutes of random weights. I know some stuff (from having a trainer), but there's no serious schedule to it.

But podfitness is very cool. They have all these famous trainers who work with celebrities like Brad Pitt and Reese Witherspoon. So they are recorded and they have some sort of crazy software (no clue how this works, but I'll believe it) that works with your itunes library to create a workout. So then you workout to your own music, but with a trainer mixed into it and somehow the program knows to turn down the music so you can hear the trainers voice when you need to. I think its super cool. And it works with any MP3 player, including, of course, the ipod. I emailed them to find out if it will work with the ipod shuffle.

Some of the key points they rave about on the website:

  1. They recommend trainers according to what your goals and fitness level are (weight loss, weight training, getting ready for a marathon)

  2. You have access to 80 different trainers with different specialties so you can work on multiple goals at a time (or just have variety).

  3. Your own music (because seriously, it I have found it so irritating when I go to an aerobics class and I hate the music. I like choosing the music that motivates me and makes me smile)

  4. The workouts evolve. Now if this isn't cool I don't know what is. So the workouts progressively get more difficult. No more getting stuck in a rut.

  5. Anytime. Anywhere. Wanna work out outside. They can do that. Like the gym. They can do that. Even, just wanna work out at home with your handweights and yoga ball, they can do that.

If you want to see a video about it click here.

If you're wondering what the price is, its a quarterly subscription of $60. So that comes to $20 a month. They also have a free trial if you're just curious. My plan is to combine this with Weight Watchers and look hotter than ever by my our first anniversary in August. I'm so excited.

What I like about the combo is that its really about a lifestyle change. Portion control. Eating healthier. Making a treat, just that---a treat and not a daily occurrence. I have a hard time believing I will ever love straight up running...but enough of my friends have been converted that I'm willing to try. And if that fails I always have the eliptical.

Once I try it I'll let you know how it is. But I anticipate it'll be pretty cool.

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