Monday, April 7, 2008

Movie Tag

I love movies to0 much to not do this tag. I love love love movies. Like a lot. In fact my other blog (a work in progress yet to be revealed) is my attempt to put something besides movies into my weekend routine.

Favorite movies you have to be "in the mood" for in order to enjoy:
1. Life is Beautiful
2. Casablanca

Favorite movies that make you laugh out loud no matter how many times you have watched them
1. Emperor's New Groove (I concur, Tara)
2. Groundhog Day
3. I had to add another: Napoleon Dynamite

Your favorite "Guilty Pleasures" -- I had a hard time with this one...
1. Down With Love
2. Matrix

Favorite movies you have seen so many times, you can recite all the lines
1. You've Got Mail (seriously Tara, I'm not just copying you: "He's fat, he's a fatty" "I don't care about that" "You don't care that he's one of these guys that's so fat he has to be removed from his house by a crane, you don't care" "That is very unlikely")
2. Sleepless in Seattle

Movies that "Opened your eyes."
1. Its a Wonderful Life
2. Braveheart

Most Overrated
1. Gone With the Wind---I'm with Tara on this one too
2. Titanic

What were the last 2 movies you watched
1. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (awesome!!)
2. Batman Begins

Favorite "smart" movies
1. Truman Show
2. Stranger Than Fiction

Your spouse's/significant other's favorites
1. Emperor's New Groove
2. Tommy Boy

Your all time favorites:
This is ridiculously hard---today I say
1. anything Jane Austen
2. anything that leaves me happy at the end

And I tag Heather, Carrie & Brandon.

1 little remarks:

Heather said...

I just barely saw this post - sorry. :) I'll have to do this tag, because I love movies!

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