Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Friends Look Like Movie Stars

So two of my friends are getting married (okay more than two, but I wanted to share pictures of these two). Elisabeth got married yesterady and is scuba diving somewhere, probably as we speak. Her bridals can be seen at this link.. Ridiculously beautiful people like Elisabeth make me crazy, if I didn't love her so much she'd be one of those girls I'd sit around resenting because she's so effortlessly good-looking. She is one of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever met. I'm so happy she finally found her perfect match. I don't think anyone could be more giddy than Elisabeth.

And second, my dear friend Katie is getting married in a few weeks. Katie is like Grace Kelly --- classic and beautiful. I love her dress. Every time I see my friends dresses I think "ooo pretty why didn't I get one like that." I could throw myself a wedding once a year and never get tired of them. Alas, finances. I still dream of being Sabrina fairchild attending beautiful garden parties in some gorgeous gown. It could still happen I suppose. but I digress. Katie's bridals are up on her photographer's blog. I love her photographer, I would have used her myself if I could afford her. She's one of my favorite photographers to blog stalk. Anyway look at Katie, she's amazing. Picture 10 is my favorite. (As a side note, I convinced Katie to go on her first date with Vonn---a guy wanting to fly into town to take you on a date is flattering, not freaky. Especially when he's a lawyer who can afford it---what's a $60 flight from California when the love of your life may be at the other end.)

Sigh. I love weddings. And photogrpahy. If I had any artistic skills whatsoever I would be a wedding photographer.

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Heather said...

I love looking at wedding pics, so thanks for sharing. You're right - both of these girls are BEAUTIFUL!
I'm also with you on the dream of buying a new wedding dress every year, and being a wedding photographer! :)

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