Friday, April 18, 2008

Why I'm a Big Advocate of Professional Photography

So seeing my friend Laura's post the other day with a picture of her baby Boston reminds me of why I'm going to insist upon getting professional pictures taken of my kids at least once per year (and more than that for their first year when they change so much). I know a lot of people are in school when they have kids and cannot afford to do this, but I'm so glad we will be able to. I mean Laura's baby is cute (just check out the snapshots) but look at those baby blue eyes in the professional pics.

By the way, if you are curious who did her photos she did a post about it that you can read, which shows another ridiculously cute picture of Boston. Love that hat!!! $100 bucks is actually a very decent deal for such quality photos when you have the disc with the high res files to print to your heart's content.

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dibble family said...

Hooray for cute pictures! I completely agree about the professional photos, this was the first photo shoot that we did for Boston...we'd done a few ourselves and you can totally tell the difference!

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