Monday, May 12, 2008

Ali Edwards' Scrapbook Style Photo Book

Now everyone who reads this blog somewhat regularly knows of my love of Blurb. Their software allowed me to make economical, but professional quality, photo books for our parents for Christmas. See the previous post (with pictures) here and check out the post about their awesome software that allows you to turn your blog into a book, here (blog to book=family history for us). They also have a template to make a cookbook, which I think I will do with my favorite recipes in a few years. I have a lot of them online, but I prefer to use a book in the kitchen.

But I was reading Ali Edwards' blog the other day (she is the scrapbooking queen) and she has designed a template for Shutterfly (a company similar to Blurb, but I haven't used them because their templates are not as flexible as Blurb and I have to upload all my pics). She really has a clean and very graphic, but not too cutesy, scrapbook style. I like it a lot. So I'm going to have to collect some awesome pics of our adventures this summer, I think this template would look stellar with the pics of summer 2008. Plus, it'll be super impressive and make me look like I have Ali Edwars-esqe skills, without me necessarily gaining said skills. If you don't know how to use these templates, they're really user friendly, and you can always call/email me for help.

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