Saturday, May 3, 2008

Date Night Next Week: Photobooths are Cool

If I were to redo my wedding I would have a photobooth at the reception. There are some unique photographers who have these photobooth machines (check this out, especially the photobooth galleries) or you can rent one individually (see examples here from one such company and an actual event.)
Joe and I attended my friend Katie's wedding last night (and got to meet the fabulous Kate Benson who was her photographer--and she is just as nice as she seems on her blog). At the wedding I was talking with Joe about how one of the saddest things about your own wedding is that here you have all the people you love most in the world in the same room, they are all there to see you, and you get about 2 minutes with each of them. It was super disappointing for me. I was simultaneously giddy they were all there and heartbroken they were all enjoying socializing with eachother in depth while I was greeting more of them. So, I guess this is incentive for me to start throwing more parties for people I love so I can have more events like this and more time to socialize, but still. And yes, I digress.
So, I wish I had done a photo booth so that all my guests could sign the guest book and take a bunch of crazy and fun photos in the booth at the same time. That way I could have a record of all the people I love with their personality all on display. So if Joe and I ever get rich enough that I can throw the Laraby style party that I want (see Sabrina if you are confused), there will be a photo booth and you will all be invited (provided I know all the people reading this blog, if I don't know you leave a comment so I do).

So in the spirit of the fun of photo booths and Joe and I trying to do cheap dates, next week we are taking $10, finding a photo booth and having a blast. Thanks to this site for letting me know where they are. :)
Also, I must note that I was inspired by this blog (which is also where the photo came from). How creative are some people? I love it.

5 little remarks:

Knowles Family said...

Sam and I talk all the time about how when we are SO RICH that we are going to have some awesome parties that will be SO MUCH BETTER than our wedding. :) The photo booth is such a fun idea, I'll have to run it by him. :) I hope I'm invited to your wonderful parties!

Heather said...

I have never heard of photo booths at weddings, but I think it's awesome! I so would have done it at my wedding!

Felicity said...

Yay for parties! Jake (the Snake) and I were talking today about the need for a Braintrust shindig before Joe heads to Texas and Derek heads to New York. Let's get 'er done...with or without a photo booth :)

dibble family said...

Anna, your blog is so creative! I really love it. I truly enjoy all of your wonderful and witty ideas. And I'm going to try your photobooth date idea. How fun!

Amy said...

I hadn't heard of having a photobooth at your wedding. I was going to tell you about a few booth that I am aware of but it looks like you have that taken care of. For some odd reason K-Mart has them?!

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