Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Free Online Streaming Music

Have you heard of Pandora.com. Pandora is an online radio...uh...I guess you'd call it a program. They have worked for years on what they call the Music Genome Project identifying certain aspects in songs and artists. So you create an account for yourself (it is free) and then the program is really smart and it'll play songs it thinks you will like based on this suggestion. You can create several stations based on you likes and dislikes. For example I can have a Rascal Flatts station and a separate Josh Groban station. You can skip songs you dislike. And you can vote each song thumbs up or thumbs down and it will further customize your music. The best part is that it introduces you to new artists and songs! I found pandora in college and I love it.

So, my favorite discovery through Pandora.com was Kristen Chenoweth's song "Taylor, the Latte Boy." I typed in Kristen Chenoweth hoping that songs from the musical "Wicked" woudl pop up, but instead I found her solo album. I suggest you create a "Kristen Chenoweth" station and skip through or wait until this song comes up (and it will, eventually). You can listen to a clip here, but really since the song is a story you should listen to the whole thing. It never ceases to make me smile. Maybe it's the wittiness. Maybe it's because I'm sucker for good piano (I heart "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds). Maybe it's just because it reminds me of the fluttery feeling you get every time you see your crush, that fluttery feeling of possibility that you get every time you spot them. I had that with Joe when I first met him...sigh. Okay, so maybe you should just trust me and spend the $0.99 to purchase it because the preview on Amazon is far too short. Let me know what you think.

[Actually, after I typed that whole post I found this clip of Kristen Chenoweth singing the song on the Late Late Show. I still like the album recording better, but she sure is animated in this performance so that's fun too. Oh I love talented people.]

And because Kristen Chenoweth makes me smile, here is another clip. "My New Philosophy" from the musical "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" performed here at the Tony Awards. I can't tell you how many times Joe and I drove around in his car singing along to this song, it makes us laugh a lot. (As a side note: if I could have season tickets to anything it would be Broadway musicals. Since we don't live in NY this means tickets to the Hale Center Theatre -- yeah we're too poor for Capitol Theatre)

3 little remarks:

Felicity said...

thanks for the clip--I love it! And really, you guys should spring for two tickets to see "The Drowsy Chaperone" in June at the Capitol. Its one of the funniest, bestest, all-around MOST FANTASTIC shows I've seen in a long time. Really. That's not an exaggeration even if I did use the word "bestest." It is.

dibble family said...

I love that clip! My little sister, Joy, was Sally in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown in January at the high school. That's the funniest song. I'm rather partial to my darling sister singing it though. :) I love Kristin Chenoweth...sp?

JoMarch said...

Kristin Chenoweth is my favorite! She is absolutely amazing in everything she does. You should YouTube her; she had this sitcom for a while which was pretty funny. (This is Becca Barrus, btw)

(PS- Joy was likewise amazing in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.)

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