Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Really Hope I Win (Or you, that would be cool too)

The selfish girl in me didn't want to do this post. But such a great, easy contest must be entered. I think I saw the post on Stephanie's sister Candice's blog (she's such a great photographer, if you check our her blog check out the posts about the umbrella photos she's doing in NY, I wish I had such skills and such a creative mind).

Anyway the contest is put on by Creating Keepsakes and they are giving away a Nikon D60. I may have my eye on the Nikon D40x, but I'll take the D60 if it's free. The package is worth $750 dollars (w0wza) and entering takes only a second. Be sure to only enter once or it'll invalidate all your entries. To check it out click here.
And while I'm at it, do any of you have strong opinions on Nikon vs Canon. I'm leaning towards Nikons, but I really couldn't tell you why that is. Good photographers use both, so I'm just wondering if you have one why you chose that model. Help me decide. We're hoping to buy one in the next 6 months (hooray!)

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mystirae said...

Hi Anna! I personally prefer the Pentax IstD. I have one and I absolutely love it.

dibble family said...

Hey Anna, while I've never owned an SLR, I have had a nikon digital camera and several canon digital cameras and I've LOVED the canon's much much much more. The Nikon I bought was way more but it didn't work nearly as well as the lower end canon that I had.

Ali said...

I am bitter against Nikon...I entered their everyday entry contest for three weeks last summer and never won (they gave away a camera each day) poo poo. Oh well, I love my Pentax too. I hope you win though, Nikons are nice:)

CJ said...

You simply can't go wrong with either. The point-and-shoot category is a completely different one, as Canon is the clear winner there. But in terms of SLRs, it's pretty much a wash.

Canons have been thought traditionally to produce slightly better colors, but that's changing (see the Nikon D300, which produces phenomenal color). I'm not up on things enough to know if Canon is including vibration reduction/image stabilization into its bodies, but my sense is that neither Canon nor Nikon does, opting instead to include it in the upper-scale lenses. (Many newcomers to the DSLR market include it in the body, which is nice.) Canon has traditionally used CMOS sensors w/ Nikon using CCD, each of which has its benefits. (But, again, the Nikon D300 has a CMOS, so that's changed somewhat, too.)

Really, what I'm saying is, you can't go wrong. So, for you, perhaps choose the make by virtue of which model fits your budget and hopes best. I'd personally avoid the D40x if you're really getting into photography, as it lacks an autofocus motor and thus requires that any lens contain the motor itself for autofocus; otherwise, you're left with manual focus. I'm not sure what percentage of modern lenses lack the motor, though (AF-S and AF-I have it), so perhaps it's not much of an issue going forward.

Finally, the Canon Digital Rebel line tends to be a bit smaller, making it comfortable for smaller/women's hands. I like my Nikon, as my full hand fits well; w/ the Digital Rebel, my pinky finger had to hang off the end. So definitely heft and take some shots with both before purchasing.

Here's Ken Rockwell's page on the matter: He's a good guy to go to, although many disagree with his opinions. He's a good source either way, though. DPReview is the single-best review site out there.

In the end, you'll be ecstatic either way.

Beazer said...

Q is for the Cannon because the lenses are transferable -- when your camera becomes outdated the expensive lenses will still work for you. Supposedly not the same for Cannon.

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