Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lovely Artwork, It's a Good Thing

I love artwork, good artwork. And I define good artwork as art that I like. And I don't like to have any painting that is so cliche you can buy it at a poster sale on your college campus...Van Gogh's "Starry Night" has been ruined for me and those posters have almost ruined Jack Vetriono's "Singing Butler" though my mom had a calendar of his paintings and he has enough paintings I love that I haven't let him go...though I still don't know if I could buy the "Singing Butler". You can check out more of his artwork here, if you stare long enough you'll feel like you are in The Great Gatsby at one his grant parties. I love that. (This first picture is also his...and comes from the website I just linked to).
So some of my very favorite every pictures are by a children's book illustrator Lisbeth Zwerger, you can view a nice collection of the covers of books she's illustrated here. And I'll include some images that I ripped from Amazon. I love her. The question is, which oh which book should I pick to buy, pull apart, and create a framed series for my little girl's room (and oh I'll be so sad if I don't get a little girl...though I suppose some of these would be nice in a gender neutral nursery)? [clarification: reading this I realized that I should probably note that we are not expecting, nor will we be any time real soon...though I would l love a girl first, when we're ready) So anyway, which would I pick....? Which would YOU pick?

Maybe Alice in Wonderland?

Or Thumbeline? Isn't that flower just beautiful? And I love this interpretation of the Wizard of Oz, the poppys, oh those fateful poppys. They look so much prettier here than in Judy Garland's movie. Maybe even the Wicked Witch will look pretty in this one.
And the Nutcracker, I really must have this one because reading this story as a child was so magical. I still remember the sugar plum fairy...and I'm sure this version is delightful.

And the Gift of the Magi, which is one of my favorite stories of all time. Really more of a short story for adults and not a children's story at all, but still a great story about true love and sacrifice. My mom owns this one and I had a copy pre-moving van and it'll be one of the first I'll pick up again. It make me happy just thinking of it. So much romance focuses on that courting phase and I like this one because its about learning to sacrifice and really love eachother deeply in those first few years of marriage. At least that's how I see it.
And finally "The Selfish Giant" which is a story by Oscar Wilde. You can read it online somewhere I'm sure, but my mom owns this version and it tells the story so sweetly. I don't think the story would be quite the same without the drawings. Its a great allegory and the paintings are just lovely.
So anyway there you go, my recommendation for you. Pick them up, you won't regret it. You may find one or two at your local Barnes and Noble, but many of them are only available online. And the Selfish Giant is OUT OF PRINT for reasons that suprass understanding.

But really the real reason I started this post was that I saw a great link on "Design Mom"'s blog to this lovely artist who sells on Etsy. And something about her delicate style reminded me of Lisbeth Zwerger and of japanimation at the same time, I'm not sure why, perhaps the eyes on her figures. So here's one her darling pictures below. You can get to her Etsy shop, here. Seriously adorable.

2 little remarks:

Amy said...

I like the Alice in Wonderland one.

Marcia said...

FYI...I got the Selfish Giant on Ebay (of course), and a new one at that!

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