Saturday, May 24, 2008

Making My Own Vanilla

So I saw a post on someone's blog about making their own vanilla and decided to look into it. So I totally want to (though the idea of going to the liquor store and buying a bottle of vodka feels slightly scandalous for a Mormon girl---but alcohol is in all real vanilla extract (35%) and it cooks off when baking). Anyway the best way to buy vanilla beans is in bulk, online. But that is A LOT of vanilla beans for a little girl like me. Does anyone else want to make their own vanilla or have a use for vanilla beans so we can go in an order together?

2 little remarks:

CJ said...

On this topic see, Even Alton Brown--he of the make-everything-myself mentality--doesn't recommend making your own. But if you're really into it, let me know how it goes. I thought that clip was rather informative either way.

Aliese Fry said...

I use vanilla beans on a fairly regular basis! If you bought some, I would totally go in on them with you.

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