Friday, May 9, 2008

Other Blog Update

So...I started making that other blog (of cool stuff to do in SLC) and found a lot of excellent options. But let me tell you--there is TOO much cool stuff to do. Doing what I'd like to do with that site would be a full-time blogging job (and yes there are professional bloggers, but I am not one) So instead I think I'll just do a post once a week on my be titled later, but it will have a consistent title...with a list of cool stuff going on for the upcoming weekend and then a review of whatever we did the previous weekend (so I suppose that would be 2 posts).

In the meantime I'm adding a list of links in the sidebar of sites you should check out.

Two of the best ones are (thank you Stephanie)

and (site sponsored by the Salt Lake Travel & Tourism Bureau, I think, the format kind of bites, but if you put forth a little effort you can find good things.
{The image above was taken by Dani Simmonds. I found it on this website. I'm a total nut about honoring people's intellectual property, but from what I read here, I can use these images if I properly credit people. So if you are wondering where you can get stock photos for your blog that are legal I encourage you to check it out (and if it turns out I'm being illegal, someone let me know)}

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Heather said...

You are so good, Anna! I'm always posting images on my blog without knowing who took them. I've become corrupt over the past few years. LOL I really admire you - I can tell that you try so dilligently to never make a mistake! You will be a great role model for your children some day!

I'm so excited about your new site - it will keep Jarom, our sons and me busy this summer!

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