Thursday, May 29, 2008


Something today got me thinking about Squibnocket cards. Have you heard of them? It is, in my mind, a tragedy that these cards are not more readily available. There is a great article about them here. Seriously, read about them because any card I'm willing to pay $4 a piece for, has to be pretty amazing. I'd describe them here, but I couldn't do them the same justice this article does.

Actually after much googling (and yes, one thing I will brag about is that I have mad googling skills and this one actually took quite a bit of effort) I found this image on this site so you can buy one if you want. I actually gave this card to my boyfriend (pre-Joe) for Valentine's day. I had bought it a long time before because it was so funny and contemplated using it it many times but kept chickening I waited til I had a boyfriend. I should have been more bold and given one to my major crush at the time. Boldness is nothing to be ashamed of, after all boldness is what got me together with Joe.

And actually there's a fine collection of them here, check them out. Unfortunately I cannot find anywhere, for the life of me, the amazing wedding thank you cards that he designed that I had found for our wedding. I only had 12 and I was saving them for people who I knew would think they were funny. And I was going to save one for my scrapbook. And like everything else: moving van=I have no more of the "most hilarious wedding thank you card ever made" so i give up. To summarize, and do it poorly, the card went something like this. "There's good news and there's bad news, as the perennial saying goes. First the good news: we remain blissfully married to to this day like one of those ridiculous happy couples you see in a frame at Walmart. The bad news: as such we will not be returning the gifts you so kindly gave us. Thank you again." Alas I am not witty and have no photographic memory, but you get the gist of it (gist? sp?)

In parting may I advise that all you parents check out these darling apolgy cards (written by the same guy who makes the other squibnocket cards) Its a book of cards for apologizing for things your kids have done. Particularly if you have "spirited" children maybe this would come in handy, or at least give you some laughts. Here's an example below, I hope it's readable.

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Laura said...

very funny! i have so many bookmarks to your blog entries, reminding me of things to check out when i get some time. these cards will be added to the list!

Colby and Meredith said...

I have never heard of those cards, but I for sure will now! They sound absolutely fantastic!

Ariel said...

I can't wait to send one to a loved one. I also wanted you to know that I too am an ID card loser. I can't tell you how many times I've had to pay $10 for a new card.

Charayne said...

I can't say that I have heard of these cards (I don't get out as much these days) I am so glad that I saw your mom and that she gave me your blog address. I hope it will help us stay in touch a little better. Hope you are doing well!!!:)

amy said...

I love these cards! I found your site trying to find a place to find them! I did stumble onto a forum & (this was dated '07) Lane welcomed inquiries for specific cards via email:

I happened upon them in a little store in Ballard - Seattle. Wish I would've bought more & remembered the store name!

cambridge st papers said...

i had been looking for these cards for 5 years - since i bought my last batch. i have since, even opened my own stationery/card store & would love to sell them but i could not find them UNTIL last month. Avant Card in San Francisco has a full selection of them...i purchased 15 different ones & there were more. i am still trying to figure out how to purchase wholesale though. good luck!

corrie said...

I also stumbled onto your blog looking for Squibnocket cards. I have been searching for them for several years since I saw a few in a boutique in Greenville, SC (nowhere near where I live). For YEARS the website said it was a work in progress, and now it is gone. Anyway, in my continued quest, I did find this shop which sells a few, and I thought I'd come back to your blog to share:

Good luck!
(I also enjoyed reading about your cloth diaper making; we cloth diaper our toddler--though I didn't make the diapers myself!)

Katie Christenson said...

A few minutes ago I searched for some squibnocket cards on the internet, and your blog was the first hit! I clicked on the link as was like, "holy cow! this is Anna's blog!" It was a complete thrill. I just wanted to let you know that at least for now, google has connected your great name with the great name of squibnocket. What a wonderful world.
(btw- this is the Katie Christenson formerly known as Katie Barker)

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