Monday, May 12, 2008

Try Zupas for Lunch

Have you been to Zupas? Zupas is a chain restaurant that has a couple of branches here in Utah. I know for sure of one in Provo and one in Draper. They have amazingly fresh delicious food. The best thing I have had there, by far, was the nuts about berries salad (pictured here). They have salad, soups, paninis and fondue. And to top it all off, every meal comes with a free chocolate covered strawberry. Now isn't that delightful? I want to try this tomato basil soup with orzo pasta (I usually dislike creamy tomato soup, but I fell in love with the tomato basil soup at the Wexner Center cafe on OSU's campus. Yummy. So I'll give Zupas tomato a try--they'll give you free samples of their soup before you order, how's that for cool.) Check it out, you'll love it. You can find more locations here.

2 little remarks:

Brandon said...

"I'm Zupas, and I endorse this message."


Tannie Datwyler said...

I've never heard of this place. Is it pricey?

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