Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Weird and Random List

So today my friend Tara posted a list of weird and/or random things she likes to do and it made me smile and wonder what my own list would look like. So here goes.

  • I talk to strangers in public...a lot...Joe finds this amusing

  • I love math; I'm a total math geek. What can I say, running stats (aka estimating regressions) totally floats my boat. Finding random correlations in the universe, hypothesizing about omitted variables....seriously I looked forwad to my stats homework, and even referred to it as fun. So yes I consider math recreational.

  • I love techy stuff. I subscribed to Wired for Joe for Christmas but I read it almost as much as he does. (Check out the latest issue to find out why eating organic is actually WORSE for the earth and why driving a used SUV might actually be more earth friendly than a about "inconvenient truths")

  • I get kicks from learning how to do such useless things as make my own soap.

  • I love Martha Stewart. Not just her show or magazine (though I adore those also) but the actual person Martha Stewart--sometimes she can be so quirky or socially awkward or just downright anal that it is hysterical. (Note: I got much mocked by my family for my love of Martha when she got sent to jail)

  • I am a political science major who dreads political conversations with non political scientists, they never seem to end well.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE political parody. Jon Stewart & Steven Colbert bring me untold joy.

  • I enjoy cleaning other people's houses but seem to procrastinate cleaning my own, go figure.

  • I have never been outside the U.S. other than Canada and I'm not sure that really counts.

  • I can watch some movies over and over and over and still not be sick of them. My brother does not understand why I would waste my netflix on movies like "While You Were Sleeping" but seriously can you ever get enough of that scene the dinner table. "I like blond chicks, chubby ones"..."these mashed potatoes are sooo creamy, Mary mashed them"...or"All the great ones were tall....Dustin Hoffman was five-six...would you wanna see Dustin Hoffmannsave the Alamo" and who can doesn't love one liners like "If you fit into my pants I'll kill myself"

  • I loathe (and I do mean loathe) mayonaisse, miracle whip, and-generally-sour cream. If there is mayo on it or in it I can't eat it. Nearly every time I try I gag. Bad news.

  • I love to go on craigslist, type in Pottery Barn, and wish I could buy people's killer deals on used Pottery Barn furniture (and laugh at people who post things calling them "Pottery Barn Like" when I see nothing distinctly pottery barn-esque about them)

  • I dislike blog posts without pictures (no offense to you pictureless post bloggers, it's okay, I just like pretty things.) Thus, two random and kind of weird pictures for a random post. One is colorful, which I like. And another is of a stats table (a z or t-table for you statistics inclined. I personally like that the picture focuses in on the score 1.96...a number that is statistically significant for completely RANDOM reasons and thus fitting for this post) [fyi pics are courtesy of]

And I can think of nothing else random or weird about me...though if you can I suppose you could leave it in the comments. Maybe it'd be good for me to be more aware of my random quirks.

6 little remarks:

Jessie said...

So "While You Were Sleeping" is one of my all time favorites, too... which is why I know that he says "I like blondes. Chubby ones," not "blonde chicks" like you quoted. :) My favorite line, though, is while they're at the elevator and Jack says what he loves about Lucy. And then of course Peter comes back with "No, that's not it." How could anyone not love that movie? (Random weird thing about me--when I was in jr. high one of my brothers gave me that movie for Christmas and one of my new year's resolutions was to watch it every day... and I did for at least 3 months. Yes, that was before I had any sort of life. :)

dibble family said...

Anna, I hope you know how much joy your blog brings to my life. You are so witty! I love reading every post and while doing so, I think to myself, "Self, why can't you be so witty like this cute Anna?" Alas, it wasn't meant to be!

Laura said...

LOVE the Craig's List favorite is when people call their stuff "vintage." yeah right!

Aliese Fry said...

Pretty sure "While You Were Sleeping" is my favorite movie of all time! My most favorite part isn't even a line-it's the paper boy who falls off his bike. Did you know it wasn't planned and they put it in for comic effect? poor kid broke his arm in the process...That's dedication to bein' an extra if I've ever seen it.

Graham & Heather said...

Argentina has good beef. Beef and Nazis. :)

Scarehaircare said...

Love the same movies,love craigslist, starting to love MS again (actually bought my first MS mag in 5 years). Wish I were a math geek - love to watch
NUMB3RS. Really wish I were smart. Dean loses me in tech conversations on a daily basis. In return I lose him on music discussion.

Music is supposed to make you smarter in math, why is that so not true for me?

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