Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Backyard Neighborhood BBQ

My mom is selling her house in West Jordan (if you wanna buy it it's a great one!) which makes me a little sad since I lived there from 5th grade through high school and at least one summer in college, but I'm excited for my mom and Sam to get into their dream house. We have a lot of friends on Marylebone Rd and throughout the neighborhood and yesterday my mom threw a bbq with some of them. My siblings were there, my mom and stepdad, Carla (who did my hair for my wedding and was my favorite sunday school teacher), Larraine who has been our next door neighbor for forever, and Charayne and her little family (Charayne grew up down the street and is temporarily living back at her parents house with her husband and two kids). We had such a nice time. The food was fabulous, the company was excellent, and we followed up the bbq with a trip to Jordan Landing to see the new Get Smart movie, which was hilarious. Good times. To start, here is my favorite photo of the evening, isn't Alana the cutest ever?
Here's another one of Miss Fishy Lips
While we're at it lets see a bunch of photos of Charayne's darling children. Here's one of Rylan with Tony.
This is Rylan eating and Alana is running in circles around him. I love how kids entertain themselves
The cups a little large....but she managed without a sippy!
Phillip is great with kids. And they love him.

I like this picture of all the girlies! It had been WAY too long since I hung out with Charayne. And we're going to be hanging out lots more.
The food. Oh it was glorious food. So good we didn't need dessert. And I ate WAY TOO MANY funeral potatoes, but they were so good and it'd been so long since I had them
Larainne and Carla with the Charlie Brown sun blocking sheet behind them. :)
Sam (my stepdad), Mom and Paul
Charyne and my sister-in-law Guzel
Like the picture....but that shirt makes me crazy. The color is so cute but why are the sleeves so poofy?

My mom whipped out some of our old school toys so the kiddies could play with them. When asked what he was drawing Rylan reported "I don't know...but something AWESOME"

My mom and Phil had a great time building the grand hotel out of Lincoln Logs...and me failing to use a flash resulted in the blur that is Rylan. He's really not super speedy or anything. lol. I mean, just kidding Charayne, he is the super speediest kid I know!
And since the kids were entertained we played cards. Call it pounce, nerts, or "O Heck!" its my favorite card game
Paul takes it pretty seriously
And Charayne did great despite the fact that she hadn't played in a long time. At one point we thought she had (-4) points, which we were all astounded could you get so few cards out Charayne! And then as we were getting ready to deal another round Paul found like 10 of Charayne's cards in his own deck, which was very amusing.
I had a great time. Seriously Charayne, lets plan a fun and not too expensive kidless date...and plan a trip to the copper mine with the kiddies, it'll be fun.

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nertzfan said...

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Jessie said...

So I have the same shirt but in white (love the blue, though!), and while I also really like it, I too wish the sleeves were a little less on the puffy side... You look cute, though.

Laura said...

so funny you commented on your shirt. as i was scrolling down, i was thinking, "i'm totally commenting on how cute her shirt it." the sleeves don't look too poofy!

Mardi & Jeremey said...

I like puffy sleeve shirts! You look very cute. I picture of food is making me hungry! yum!

Christiansense said...

Karla did my hair for my wedding too, I just love her. K, I haven't seen your mom for so long, it is great to see pictures of your family. Paul looks totally the same, and Phil too but just older. How fun, I love West Jordan, it was so hard for me to have my mom move from there, even though I was married , I was sad to lose those connections from my home ward

Charayne said...

Yeah! It was so much FUN!!! Can I just copy you post, it is just what I wanted to say....I laughed out loud. J/K I already have mine, I just need to upload pics and then publish it. We definately need to do it again. Tony loved hanging out with you guys too. :) I'll call ya.

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