Saturday, June 21, 2008

Church Campout 2008

One of my college roommates Ruth loved nature. Or so she would tell guys on dates. Twice in a row (two different guys) they were talking and Ruth exclaimed that she loved nature. Then when asked by these guys what she liked to do (hike, camping, boating, etc...)she got flustered and said that actually she just likes being outside. She said "you know like on campus when you see flowers and you think 'look, nature'" It was so funny and we teased her about it a great deal. Ahhh, nature.

So, about a week ago we went to our church campout and my brother and sister-in-law came along. It was nice and relaxing. More than anything it was just nice to get away from the city and be in the beautiful mountains. They are particularly beautiful in the spring before it gets too hot and dries out. See the slideshow below with captions to see what we were up to (hint: we had so much to do the next day that we actually didn't camp out :( sad, but what time we spent there was fun). And check out the picture was such a beautiful time of day and with the spring greenery everywhere...I couldn't help taking a zillion nature photos.

3 little remarks:

Tannie Datwyler said...

Those pictures are fun! It looks so nice.

Michael said...

Did I miss it? Where exactly is this beautiful place?

Anna said...

it's just up past Park City, really not that far away and very beautiful. The church owns a lot of property up there, I guess. And there were tons of cabins for sale too...oh that we were middle-aged and had the money to buy one.

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