Monday, June 2, 2008

For Better or For Worse

Sarcasm amuses me. I read once in a book that sarcasm is the sign of a weak individual (see John Knowles', "A Separate Peace" which is one of my favorite books and the book that made me dream I would date/marry a man who would wear a pink button down shirt...p.s. I got Joe to buy and wear a pink button down shirt and it was HOT!), and yet I still deeply love it. Perhaps this is a weakness I will choose to rid myself of, but not anytime soon.

Anyway, in the thread of sarcam, I thought I'd mention a blog I find to be deeply amusing. It's called "Stuff White People Like" I think I'd call it "Stuff pretentious upper class Americans like" but maybe that is dominated by white people. The fact is it cracks me up even if it is pointing out some of the worst parts of my personality (sometimes...not always, but sometimes). Whether it is always accurate or not is not important, the writing is hilarious. If you enjoy reading "The Onion" you will love this blog.

Some hilarious posts:

"White People Like Graduate School"


Hating Corporations

and perhaps my favorite, which I am personally guilty of:

"Threatening to Move to Canada"

And things have been busy at work...and with Joe and I working out our carpooling commute and other random things...thus...much less quality blogging.

5 little remarks:

Felicity said...

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! This is very possibly my new favorite site.

Brandon said...

I ran across this site a couple months ago.

Not sure if I'm amused. If I started a blog called "What Black People Like," I'd be attacked as a being a hardcore racist within seconds.

Drawing attention to the differences between races just for the sake of drawing attention won't do much for race relations in our country, IMO.

Nerak said...

I'm all for people moving to Canada!

Anna said...'d only get in trouble for making that blog because you are white, not black. There are tons of black comedians who make fun of black people and get away with it.

Charayne said...

Well you must think that I don't get much quatlity blogging done then...I LOVE your blog! I think that you would get along great with Tony because he is totally scarcastic too! Great to be in touch!

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