Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Peonies...they're a good thing

Peonies. My favorite flower. It was hydrangea first and peonies second, but the peonies have replaced the hydrangea. I went out to my grandma's bush and picked some (the first two pictures are from that). Then we had a really rainy day and all the giant blossoms were so weighed down by the rain that they tipped over and destroyed like 1/2 the bush. They had to be cut right away or the bush would be even more damaged and the flowers would be wasted. So I cut them. Then I found another bush in the backyard! Everyone got peonies. Joe's mom, my mom, my stepdad's mom (who exchanged with me for free fabric!!), and Helena.
They're so beautiful that I'm warning you I took a million photos. I love them. Every time I see them I just think "why can't these grow in august so I could have had them at my wedding" and "why can't they bloom all summer long," but alas they are a spring flower. [p.s. they also smell fabulous so our house has been smelling so-o good]

5 little remarks:

Charayne said...

Seriously how random...guess what??? I just took a picture of these this week because I thought they were so pretty! I love them!!! What can I say, you have good taste!

Graham & Heather said...

Those are beautiful, great pictures!

Christie said...

Ahhhhh, Grandma's peonies.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Those flower are goregous! Yes, we do have a time share. It is actually a nation wide time share so we have some places in most of the states. It's pretty neat - you may have heard of it. It is called Worldmark. We bought it 3 years ago when we were rich :) That year I was working full time and Richard had a huge grant. The Time Share cost $10,000 and we paid it off in one year. That to us was RICH. Now we are POOR and not sure how we'll survive next year. But we still have the time share. :)

The Snavelys said...

You're right we do have so much in common! Hydrangeas are my very favorite flower and peonies are my second. :) Those are beautiful by the way.

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